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Win A Guided Montauk Trip For Two With Bill Wetzel!!!

Because Bill is such a cool dude hes giving away a six hour guided Montauk trip for one or two anglers. He wanted us to remind everyone that the Surf Rats ball June Striper East Coast Tournament entry ends June 15th. Head on down to

for all the Info.

Bill Has Gone INSANE with the prizes this year. $1,000 cash? BING BONG! Hello?


.srb 37

(the fine print) winning trip must be booked by 6/15/17. Not valid for august trophy trips.


You…light up my life.


Tommy from the SJ art department here.

First off-fresh new batches of our Night Shift and Time and Tide shirts are printed and sitting in boxes waiting to go on our online store. You can expect them to be online next week. We threw in some smaller sizes for our more “active” readers.

Secondly- I wanted to spark up some conversation about flash lights and head lamps. Anyone who creeps around at night knows that this is essential equipment for a mission. I am currently using 2 different LED lights.First is the Princeton Tec Eos headlamp.














It’s bright as hell and is waterproof down to 3 feet. Costing around 45 bucks it has a rubber seal to keep out water which is good. But its not a fool proof system.

One of these lights usually lasts me 2 seasons and then it craps out. Granted any electronics used in a saltwater environment not housed in a bulky case are going to

fail eventually.


The second light I carry is an Underwater Kinetics pen light.

This light cost around 12 bucks and is rated to 500 feet underwater. I like that its super light and I can wear it around my neck with a simple shoelace. I personally am not a big fan of surgical tubing on these lightweight lights. On this light I removed the lens and colored it red with a sharpie which makes a great  low key light to use when unhooking a fish or looking for a plug. The down side about this light is that it is a twist top. I did recently purchase a new one from The Surfcaster that has a push button. The only drawback being this model has a 3 foot water proof rating.


What kind of lights are you guys using?


RMSmith Winner!

Is…. Capt’n Bob.       Thanks everyone for the kind words.

We here at the journal are nothing without our Boys (and Girls) on the beach.

Bob Email me your address and we will put this puppy in the Mail for you.



Plug Give Away Winner…

Took all the fine folks who picked page 90 and fed their names into the surfcaster’s journal z-2000 super processor

with sealed drag.

The Winner is Pistol Pete!

Congrats Homie.

Email with name of your correctional facility and inmate number.

Thanks for playing everyone and stay tuned for this weekends RM Smith plug giveaway from the maximum security SJ vault.


"BLOG ONLY" mega plug giveaway.

Dipped into the SJ secret stash and pulled out 11 lures.


2 choopy needlefish

2 choopy metal lips

2 guides choice bunka boy swimmers

2 super strike loaded needles.

2 charlie grave tins

1 yozuri surface cruiser.

BONUS bumper sticker pack.


Look through the magazine and pick your favorite picture from issue #8.  Any entry without a page number will NOT be counted.