"BLOG ONLY" mega plug giveaway.

Dipped into the SJ secret stash and pulled out 11 lures.


2 choopy needlefish

2 choopy metal lips

2 guides choice bunka boy swimmers

2 super strike loaded needles.

2 charlie grave tins

1 yozuri surface cruiser.

BONUS bumper sticker pack.


Look through the magazine and pick your favorite picture from issue #8.  Any entry without a page number will NOT be counted.




158 comments on “"BLOG ONLY" mega plug giveaway.

  1. woodwker99

    I can’t decide between 138, 139, 141. John had some great fish there. If you hold my feet to the fire I’d have to say page 138.
    Thanks for the chance to show I can’t choose…lol

  2. Greg Tucceri

    Pg 152, I look at that pic and I’m like a kid on Christmas morning getting that red rider bb gun.

  3. Toby Lapinski

    I love the cover shot, page 1. A nice bass with a riggie lodged solidly in her mouth, how can you go wrong?

  4. kevnmary

    What’s not to like about the picture on 103? That blitz in the canal looks like DJ threw a handful of pellets in the koi pond.

  5. coryn

    pg 121, just started making my lures, its great to see the beginning process. For most of us we all have the same goal. To preserve our wildlife, for further hunting or fishing, and to catch our trophy . love your work SJ

  6. Brian Rainear

    I’m in and pg. 129 gets my vote. A smile on a young ladies face & a fish in her hands. How can you go wrong here?

  7. Sean H

    I’m in! Thanks. Pg 152, Why? Because someone took the time to take the picture in the middle of a blitz. I could not have done it.

    Sean H.

  8. Dooley

    Cover by far….destroyed rigged eel with a fattie hanging off of it is something everyone should exprerience.

  9. Brian D.

    Page 77….brings back memories of a time before faster/shinier meant better to most people. Thanks for making a GREAT mag!


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