You…light up my life.


Tommy from the SJ art department here.

First off-fresh new batches of our Night Shift and Time and Tide shirts are printed and sitting in boxes waiting to go on our online store. You can expect them to be online next week. We threw in some smaller sizes for our more “active” readers.

Secondly- I wanted to spark up some conversation about flash lights and head lamps. Anyone who creeps around at night knows that this is essential equipment for a mission. I am currently using 2 different LED lights.First is the Princeton Tec Eos headlamp.














It’s bright as hell and is waterproof down to 3 feet. Costing around 45 bucks it has a rubber seal to keep out water which is good. But its not a fool proof system.

One of these lights usually lasts me 2 seasons and then it craps out. Granted any electronics used in a saltwater environment not housed in a bulky case are going to

fail eventually.


The second light I carry is an Underwater Kinetics pen light.

This light cost around 12 bucks and is rated to 500 feet underwater. I like that its super light and I can wear it around my neck with a simple shoelace. I personally am not a big fan of surgical tubing on these lightweight lights. On this light I removed the lens and colored it red with a sharpie which makes a great  low key light to use when unhooking a fish or looking for a plug. The down side about this light is that it is a twist top. I did recently purchase a new one from The Surfcaster that has a push button. The only drawback being this model has a 3 foot water proof rating.


What kind of lights are you guys using?


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  1. in & out

    Princeton tec head lamps last me one night,and I tried them all. Princeton tec pelican or any other good brand twist top,have lasted me up to five years. But I’m still searching for the perfect light with out spending 2 to 3 hundred. Now about the type of bulb? Whatever.

  2. Robert McCarthy

    Tommy I was thinking you where going to light up my life
    w a give away lol
    I use mag w surgical tube w
    #8 wire Inside, long enough to hang in my bag
    and I can turn it up to Ty a knot! And a second in my bag!

  3. Mike S.

    so far I’m using a clip on visor headlight and a hand light.Thinking of using a small divers light which would be waterproof to at least 100ft.

  4. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I’m a believer in the adage the simpler the better. I use the Husky LED head lamp that home cheepo sold in three packs. They are water resistant,have a rubber seal on the battery case and came in a three pack. They have a switch for going from white or red (and off).I am still on my first light after three seasons (and about 20 AA Battery). The only thing I didn’t like but easily fixed was how the light attaches to the elastic head band. I had to tape the openings where you can thread the band closed as the light had the habit of coming off on one end or the other when ever you reach up to turn it on. the angle of the light is also adjustable to make it shine exactly where you need it. I don’t wet suit but I love this cheep light.

  5. wdmso

    Head lamps have 2 uses for me walking over rocks in the dark and seeing were my fish is i need 2 colors red and white but 100 lumens is to me give the best beam for seeing in the distant

  6. CTMatt


    Until I fully submerge it in water during a tumble or something, for $20 it gets the job done.

    Not a fan of bite lights. I get a gag reflex lol

  7. silverfox

    I agree with CTMatt and woodwker99. Cheapo 3 led Energizer will get you thru a season just as good as the $40 ones but like anything else open it once in a while, clean the contacts, a little Vaseline on the battery cover seal….you know the drill.

  8. Landwave

    After having one of the more expensive lights last less than one season, I’ve been using the cheapo HD 3 pack. They usually last the whole season unless they get dunked. I put silicon on the battery case and opened the light case and sealed that in silicon as well.A little hard to replace the batteries, maybe I’ll go with the vaseline this time.

  9. chuckg

    I still use a Garrity waterproof throwaway lite (about $4.00) and tape a piece of #12 insulated copper wire (like out of a piece of Romex) so that it goes around my neck and you can bend it in many directions. I also use a Ray-O-Vac three way (red/white LED and white regular bulb) headlamp which I don’t believe they make anymore…

  10. Tom @ Commando

    I have gone through so many lights the last few years. They just don’t last (even the expensive ones) and almost always get water in them. I think most people would think my light set up is rediculous but it has evolved over years and is still evolving….

    personally I don’t want anything in my mouth when I am swimming either….

  11. Steve S.

    I use the Energizer headlamp from the Depot as well, although I’m a waders guy, not a swimmer. Has lasted me 3 seasons so far. 4 beam settings, and one of them is red. For under $20, it has done me well.

  12. danodano9

    Bring 2 princeton tec rages with the surgical tubing and a pricetone tec quad headlamp waterproof to 3 feet. I am just waiting for it to crap out.

  13. Hector Vasquez

    Underwater Kinetics makes a waterproof headlamp that is white light and/or red light. Takes one An
    AA battery

  14. Rich m

    i to have been using three pack from depot, last year in montauk i forgot them and bought one at paulys a very small waterproof one no name but seems to still light up i think it was 5 bucks

  15. madmedic366

    I have a cheap headlamp with red and white LED , it runs on 2 aaa batteries . Ahh got into some schoolies today , first spring I have been home for on 5 years !!

  16. GlennS

    I use a Princeton Tec EOS Tactical head light. It has a flip down lens system. You can easily switch from red light to white light. Four settings and it’s waterproof. So far so good. Very bright light at the high setting. All the tactical means is that it’s water proof and has a built in flip down lens system. Comes with interchangeable lens, red, but and green.

  17. JeffL

    I use a UK headlamp but were it around my neck.. Had a Princeton tec but that thing ate batteries.. Also as spares in my truck i have 2 cheapo energizer ones.. First season with the UK and only had it out about a dozen times so far.. No complaints yet…

  18. Troy. S

    Not gonna lie, I use cheap headlamps. I can usually buy 2 per pack and will last me awhile. If ii loose one no prob and no money lost. Princeton tech is a good company and also close to me. I had a scuba diving light from them and lasted a long time. Now I only used in fresh water back then..

  19. sioca

    Here is another light to consider: It is the OMS ultra high intensity headlamp. cost: $40, 200 lumen, 100 meter waterproof, etc.

  20. Ed

    I use 2 each Fenix LD10 lights available for under $50 ea- one with a red lens with both mounted on surgical tubing. Waterproof to 3 ft per IPX-8 standard, push button on rear, 1 AA battery, 3 brightness setting and strobe. They have lasted me multiple seasons, but burn thru batteries when left on continuously. Therefore I use a third light during those long walks over rough terrain.

  21. Rich B.

    I was surprised and later shocked at how well that $20 Energizer headlamp held up in soaking rains, trip after trip. After 3 seasons, the switch has become intermittent. For a back-up, I also bought that same UK pen-light from your new sponsor, The Surfcaster. You can buy a replacement RED lamp for it on ebay for $8.


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