Sebile swim test MEGA BONUS!

So today I was at the High Hill Striper Club annual spring get together at a local pier. It’s a morning where we hang out and work on our gear for the upcoming season.

Leaders are tied and hooks are sharpened to razor sharp points. Coffee is drank by the gallon and pizza shaped crumb cakes are cut with surgical precision. On this particular late morning my buddy Matt (who I knew before he joined the club, from our days going to hardcore punk shows) was testing out his new Sebile stick shad 4oz swim bait.  While we were watching this lure’s insane action it was crushed dockside by a 14 pounder. This 4oz plastic bait in a somewhat bunker profile sashays through the water like Ru-Paul on a fashion runway.

You go girl!

Granted this thing costs over $30 bucks and may not be for everyone, BUT it did win over a lot of salty dudes today on that dock.

I had my new iphone 5000 elite mega series available and I was able to catch it on video. Steve Jobs R.I.P.

-Tommy Corrigan

P.S. Matt fought this fish perfectly like a true B.A.S.S. Master steering it around pilings and ropes.


17 comments on “Sebile swim test MEGA BONUS!

  1. derek

    they are sick plugs, floating and sinking . you can fish them many different ways. you must change the split rings and hooks though.

  2. CTMatt

    You can find them for around $20 used and we’ll worth it.
    Silly question… why were you casting over or under ropes and pilings 10 feet away?

  3. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Very nice way to start a season. great bait too. but sooner or later they have to be hit by the economy.

  4. Dennis

    Something from Piece of Mind for the next one please, 8). Very cool video and a fun catch. Was it a floater or a slow sinking?

  5. Rich m

    that was great! see what happens at our functions!i checked out website for sebile they have video of bait swimming with lure thinking it is his brother


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