Strange happenings

I was always a believer in that you follow your passion and let it lead you where it may. I am sure you have dealt with people in the past that left you less than impressed. Maybe a dude in Home Depot while you were looking for a faucet or a guy behind a tackle store counter. I’ve booked guides in the past when I went away with the family that made me want to toss them overboard and take away their boat. And there probably is some reservation for many of you that might be considering a surf guided trip. Especially to a place like Montauk. But you need not to worry, the only name you need to know is Bill Wetzel at

The man lacks no passion, stamina, effort or personality. I am not familiar with many guides, and what they do, but when someone asks me about guiding I tell them to call Bill. Because he truly is not only a fantastic guide but also an exceptional dude.

Who knew that he was an expert on UFO’s and astronomy?


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23 comments on “Strange happenings

  1. in & out

    I have experienced a lot worse than that out there,I’m not going to write or talk about it ,because one nobody will believe me and two,they are watching. £{>¦=~^~¡

  2. sioca

    Hey Bill, don’t worry to much about it. I was taken and examined and placed back in the same spot I was taken from – the funny thing is that when I came to, I had brand new CTS VT rod with a Zeebaas reel and the funny sensation that I really knew how to work the buck tail after 40+ years of fishing. They were just watching!!!

    P.S. I hope I can make it to the meeting-I can spot LOLLLLLLL!!

  3. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Gee now I know that I don’t have the corner on wacky tales… lol
    They are out there…shut up and fish…hahahahaha.

  4. Don Brown

    Now that was funny .I can tell i would like that guy already. When your on the beach every day and every night some times you see some weird stuff.I know i have.

  5. Jeremy A

    Thanks a lot, now Im scared to come to Montauk I might get probed. Hilarious stuff, I wouldnt stop catching for that either! Thanks for all the fantastic original videos Zeno!

  6. Liquid

    Lmao !!!!
    – When your on the fish, you don’t even wanna leave for UFO’s
    That’s the funniest fishing quote i’ve ever heard.
    Mr Wetzel your the man.

  7. Rav

    There are as many USO’s if not more than Ufo’s
    and they can capsize your boat if your not careful.

    for all of you that make fun of the UFO phenomena
    all i can tell you is that once you’ve seen one for yourself up-close and personal then it changes your life….

    sorta like you kinda believe in Whales but haven’t really been impressed by one…then suddenly one day a whale breeches the water comes down hard and sends your boat rocking in it’s wake. Then you become a FIRM believer in whales and talk about them often.

    But if you go home that day Skunked and tell the exact same story of the whale splashing you and get laughed at… it really pisses you off to no end.

    so there’s a valid reason that some people have
    become interested in unidentified flying objects.

  8. Bill Wetzel

    My wife saw this and said I have a foul mouth, as she spoke through a snorkel talking alien to me. Sorry for the language but when I am talking fishin I find it difficult to control. Thanks for the opportunity SCJ!

  9. harv

    bill should have his own tv show. he is absolutely the best interviewie scj ever had period. Wetzel shines when the camera is rolling…great personality!

  10. Chef Chris

    I saw bill speak at a CSA club meeting, the guy is super passionate about what he does and loves fishing, great to listen to and tells a great story.

    Watch out for the

  11. mikec67s

    Nanoo…naoo…all aboard the crazy train…who says i have an imagination… just wait till i’m king….i’ll show you all…….yo….e-t……phone home….do not attempt to adjust your tv screen….Yo wet that was my mother in law…..houston we have a problem

  12. CTMatt

    Funny Steve M.

    What if aliens are using high powered scopes to watch us fish the spots and then blabbing it on the Universe Wide Web to all their buddies and we get taken over because “they want a 50lb bass”?

  13. CTMatt

    People…stop apologizing for language…we are all adults here mostly and I enjoy reading Z’s broken curses here as well as BW’s. Not like the kids aren’t seeing this in the latest Niki Minaj video.

  14. Bill H

    Toooo funny, loved it, Bill seem’s like a great guy. Have seen him out there but now I’m going to avoid him, since the green people are following him. LOL.


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