Good Video

We don’t know these dudes but this is a good video.  As NY’ers we will ignore the side arm action and give 2 thumbs up for the C&R action.  Bonus high five

for wearing shorts. Why wear waders in the summer? (Thats what I always say) -Tommy


20 comments on “Good Video

  1. woodwker99

    OK! is the next contest to guess where this was shot? If so I’m guessing some where along the Gulf coast, maybe Texas or Louisiana? thats a long flat with the roar of surf close and that’s why I’m guessing the gulf. But I’ve been wrong before. Great video.- Rich.

  2. Mark

    LMAO at Tommy. I never wear waders down the cape. Probably until the end of September. Most time of the time I rarely wear shoes beach fishing either.

  3. Tim F

    It is amazing how excited I can get watching people I’ve never met catch fish from an unknown beach at an undetermined time.

  4. CTmatt

    Not be be a turd but I wish he handled those fish with a bit more care…good thing the sound was down when he dropped the F bomb in the end when I was at work. Good vid though…those are my favorite mornings…:)

  5. Mike G

    Good video, but was I the only one that felt they were overestimating the size of the fish? That last one didnt look 40 to me.


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