With the 2011 season around the corner what are some things you guys and gals are doing to get back into shape?

The SJ crew ate a lot this holiday season. Z has been hitting the treadmill and I am currently the heaviest I have ever been. Time to get motivated.

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  1. JimmyK

    I’m starting p90x tomorrow, i’m gonna try my best to stick with it. Last year my lower back was killing me out there fishing.

  2. RGugs87

    P90x will definitely get it done. I wouldn’t recommend jumping straight into that if you haven’t been working out though. You’ll wind up getting discouraged after the first workout and be so sore that you’ll fear ever putting that dvd in ever again.

  3. Geo67

    I had knee surgery in December and due to the mandatory physical therapy, I have been highly motivated to get back to the gym. But the one thing I could recommend to anyone who sees one at their gym is the BOSU.
    It looks like half a sphere (soft)with a hard flat disk through the “equator”. I had to stand on this thing and try to balance, and then try doing squats! The first thing I thought of was trying to stand on those damn rocks at Montauk. I may look like a complete ass at the gym, but I am starting my rock hopping early this year.

  4. Bil K

    In between working my tail off, I am making as many plugs as possible, tying flies and teasers, and exercising my butt muscle on the couch! Going to have knee surgery this winter too and I hate that Damn rocking platform thng….it really hurts when it gets away from ya!

  5. TRisser

    It is all about strengthening the core and developing endurance. Over the past three years I have developed a winter workout that includes high rep crunches, back extensions, and bent over rows. This gets combined with running and swimming to build up the lungs. The focus is on high reps and light weight. I have noticed a huge difference with my ability to get away from the crowd and increased focus while fishing.

    It sucks to workout but I want to be ready for when that 60 pound cow decides to hit my plug.

  6. Tom S

    I’ve been hitting the gym, both running and lifting. For fishing it is key to make sure you don’t forget to really incorporate legs/back/abs. These are the muscle groups you’ll be using the most when perched on that rock! Although abs don’t seem to be an obvious one, you’re core in general is crucial to many other areas of the body.

  7. TRisser

    Tip: If you want your back to feel better strengthen your stomach muscles. The opposing muscle group provides balance and support which allows the back muscles to relax.


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