Costa Rica

Back from Costa Rica on a midnight flight last night. If any of you ever get a chance to go there…don’t let the opportunity slip away. Its truly a remarkable place in so many ways. Not necessarily a surf fishing destination but if you have an open and adventurous mind, you will have a ball.

I am not sure I want to swim there again as this was one of the “smaller” needlefish we’ve seen chasing our lures. Will try to share some more pictures and videos in the future.

Going places is cool but nothing, nothing compares seeing your little girl tear up when she wakes up and see that you home. Good to be back


13 comments on “Costa Rica

  1. Chris

    Where in Costa Rica were you fishing? I have been down there a handful of times and will be returning in April. We will be fishing from the surf, inshore/offshore charters, as well as some kayak fishing. Can’t wait!

  2. mark m

    nice fish, looks like you had a good time. I have a couple of customers who spend the winter there fishing. I will be fishing Bonito Springs, FL in 2 weeks before we restock the shop. It’snot Costa Rica, but it’s still warm LOL

  3. harv

    For a humble joker construction fiber glass croation u sure do get around! Lol anyone who gets up @ 4am every day deserves da best. U da man! Zeno 4 pres 2012

  4. backlash

    What lures would you recommend to a first time caster down there? Super Strikes would be my first guess. Any colors have an edge?


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