I am going to be missing in action in next few days. Tommy will do his best to keep you guys entertained.

Here is another video by our friend Tom Lynch from NJ that is sure to get your juices flowing.

Come on spring


15 comments on “bunker

  1. pistol pete

    They must go straight from jersey into the dragging nets in ganssett bay.. because we never see that in RI…

  2. John Martines

    It’s the way it should be. Big bunker and good healthy stripers. Pistol Pete.. Your right you guys don’t get the big bunker up that way and more needs to be done consevation wise for bunker.

  3. Dave W.

    Been there in NJ for it a few times and it’s awesome. Had a day last summer on the north shore of LI like that with big blues, I’m sure that happens on the CT and RI side once in a while too.
    Thanks for the video! Can’t wait for spring!

  4. Chris Contaldi

    Good read about the history and plight of bunker: ” The Most Important Fish In The Sea: Mehaden and America ” by H. Bruce Franklin. It’s a bleak future for our kids if things don’t change.

  5. Steven

    That was actually me tagging the fish in Tom’s video. The “dart” tags we use are generally the least invasive and least harmful way to tag bass. There are primarily 2 “recreational” tagging methods, first “dart” tagging and the second is “dorsal loop” tagging.

    The second method having a greater negative impact on the fish based on inserting the tag through the entire back of the fish and coming out the opposite side. Then the 2 ends of the tag are tied or connected together. This method has some benefits (stays in the fish better & subsequently gets more returns) but is often sighted for causing greater injury to the fish.

    Tagging is a great way to practice C&R.

  6. Don Brown

    I agree with Steven its a great way to get involved with c&r.Its some thing my club the Berkeley Striper Club has been doing for many years.Steve was the one who was responsible for getting me involved in it and i have enjoyed every minute of it and found it very rewarding..Thanks Steve.


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