You catching ?

Unlike in past years I am having a hard time sitting down and putting my thoughts in any type of coherent manner. In the past years, when I was so swamped with responsibilities, the fishing really was secondary. Yeah, I would get out halfheartedly but it wasn’t like it use to be

What did it used to be like?

Exactly what is it now. Checking winds velocity and direction twenty times a day. Constantly going through my Tide app checking tides at different locations. Many of them I know I probably won’t fish but just in case my plan A,B and C do not pan out. Constantly thinking about fish, from the moment I wake up till I go to bed and then dream about it too. Yeah, it’s been few years since I felt this way.

Last year if I had an hour to kill I’d probably put on a Mets game even thou they stink. This year, unless Harvey is pitching I am shooting down the highway even if it’s only for an hour.

It helps that I got a cortisone shot two weeks ago. OMG it’s like #%*! heaven in a needle. I am just hoping it works this time around. Believe it or not and have YET to cast a wood or plastic or metal lure this spring yet I caught so many fish. For my standards that is which are not that high. Since I been fishing with a 7 foot rod I been going to back of the inlets with a  handful of bucktails in the Tactical Anglers pouch. I should be making my first cast with a  plug this weekend but to be honest, I probably could fish with a a bucktail and nothing else for the rest of my life and not complain. Didn’t someone wrote a book about fishing bucktails recently?

Oh yeah, the great John Skinner 🙂

I suggest you get it if you have not read it already. Really cool stuff. And check out John’s videos on YouTube too.

Fishing the Bucktail cover

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This is NOT our esteemed columnist and blog contributor Roger Martin. I just used the picture to illustrate his blog post because he does not have any pictures since all his Poloroids are all in the box in the closet

the young fellow in the picture is his youngest son, Skippy Jr



ok, now I am just busting chops. But Roger, now that you are a blogger you are “cool” again. And you were worried about your street cred

and in closing

Go get them..there are some fish around regardless where you live…unless this stupid  storm this weekend puts a major hurting on a bite and our beaches . But I don’t think it will


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