Old age is no fun by Roger Martin

Roger Martin

As the resident “Old Geezer” on the staff of the Surfcaster’s Journal, I suppose some folks expect that I have tons of wisdom and experience to share with our readers that will make them better surf fishers. Well, it appears that I am clueless. This past week, I spent most every day on my hands and knees pulling weeds, planting flowers, painting the red wood furniture, cutting up branches left over from Super Storm Sandy and thinking seriously about cleaning up the garage. This is not stuff that a 75 year old resident “Geezer” should be doing, especially as the fishing season heats up. He should be out fishing!

Every bone and muscle in my body ached. My back was killing me and my right shoulder hurt when I tried to drag myself up from the ground. I thought about our fearless leader, poor Zeno, whose shoulder has been hurting him so badly that he has not been able to cast. The last time I saw him, he was also limping badly.

I checked my e-mails and discovered that a buddy had found some decent size bluefish and was inviting me to the party. I had caught a few bass two weeks ago but I love how a big blue fights. The Jeep was all packed so all I had to do was grab the rod out of the garage and go. I ignored the mess in the garage. After all………the blues were in!

When I got to the “spot” there was nobody else there. Oh well, it was early in the afternoon and it was a work day. I discovered that putting on a pair of waders when you are sore all over can be quite a trick. Trying to climb the new sand dune that blocked the route to the water was also a challenge. When I finally reached the surf line huffing and puffing, I put on a Hopkins and began casting and walking. On about my fifth cast, I felt a hit but did not hook the fish. A few more casts and I got another bump. There was life out there! On the next cast, I hooked a fish but there was no fight, just a slight wiggle indicating that I had hooked something alive and not a plastic bag. It was a bass that was about eight inches long.  As I released it, I warned the bass to find another beach. There were fierce, hungry bluefish around here that would love to eat a small striper.

It struck me that those missed bumps I had been feeling may have been hits from small bass like the one I hooked. I decided to head for a nearby jetty in the hope of finding some blues. As I neared the jetty I had a hit at the end of my cast. Fish on! It turned out to be a three pound blue. I assumed that the fish were out further than I was casting. I wound up and threw myself into the cast trying to reach the fish. I felt something bad happen in my right shoulder and I let out a shout from the pain. It felt like something tore.  I left the beach feeling sorry for myself. What if I can’t fish the spring run? We’ve rented a cottage on Martha’s Vineyard in June. What if the shoulder is still bothering me then?

There is a lesson here somewhere. Don’t force the cast. Let the rod do the work. Don’t sit around all winter doing nothing. Get in shape so a little yard work won’t knock you out. Hey Zeno, move over. You got company!


15 comments on “Old age is no fun by Roger Martin

  1. CHIEF500

    Roger I turn 60 this year and I understand and feel for you. It doesn’t get easier. I started an exercise program and started dropping some weight. My energy level has increased and I now look forward to the workout. It will make my fall run easier to move onto .

  2. BarryO

    It’s funny how “power casting ” gradually morphs into lobbing eels and back-bay finesse casting, over the course of time. That seems to work for me, with advancing age and a tempermental shoulder/biceps.

  3. Trisser

    Hope you heal quick. Rumor has it MV is experiencing an exceptional blue fish run. Big, mean, and plentaful.

  4. Silverfox

    That was good Roger. My old man always said “don’t get old” and I would just laugh……I’m not laughing anymore…..

  5. Bunufish

    When I saw your photo, I was immediately though, “woah, I’ve seen this guy at mtk before!” Hope you heal quickly and thoroughly.

  6. Roger Martin

    That picture is not me! This is a cruel hoax conjured up by some Croatian wild man. Spanks!!!! Never.

  7. Joe GaNun

    It becomes a “Game of Thrones” as in, don’t pass one up.
    I turned 65 last fall and still run every day but I can tell you that my first ever walk last Oct from Turtle Cove to Caswells beat the bejeezus out of me. 70 is the new 50 ?

  8. John Pollock aka eelskimmer

    Greatly appreciate the pix. I immediately noted the walking stick as I can’t get down the
    rocks on the Canal without mine. However, it was the helmet that really brought me up. I don’t wear
    one but think I will start. PS Bugs Bunnny and I are same age

  9. JohnP

    I am hoping old age is not so bad. My dad seemed to enjoy it. He used to say, “This is living! I come out to see you. I can just sit on your front porch… smoke YOUR cigars and drink YOUR beer.”

  10. Surf Software

    Your position on a old age conforms to that of other authors I encountered, which makes me wonder whether this consencus in pulic opinion signifies the beginning of a new way of thinking. Your blog is great. Well put Zeno.


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