Sea Fly lure giveaway by Lemire’s Plugworks

Today we are going to have a special giveaway.


I don’t think we ever gave away a plug like this before but today is a good day to start.

Our friend Al Lemire makes some great lures under the name Lemire’s Plugworks, you should definitely check them out at

He makes great needles, pencil poppers, poppers and all kind of good stuff but this plug is truly different than what most builders make today.

The 5 inch, 3 ounce Sea Fly

Designed after the old freshwater classic this plug will throw water like nobody’s business. You put this puppy into a boulder field and hold on to your rod. That is if you can get yourself to cast one. This thing is stunning in design, paint and hardware.

In order to be eligible to win, you must tell us where would you use it. No, no secret spots needed, just general location will do




180 comments on “Sea Fly lure giveaway by Lemire’s Plugworks

  1. mikebfishn

    A jitter bug on a whole other level i love it. I live in SE PA and fish landlocked stripers in a reservoir up to almost 40lbs and they destroy freshwater tackle. I would use this on a rocky point with deep mainlake on one side and gradual grading flat on the other and the channel sweeps in to the tip . i cast from the tip of point into about 20ft of water…the crush my freshwater lures and all to often pull a hook or destroy them

  2. Jim J.

    I stopped at Al’s booth at the RISSA show and picked up a couple of these guys up haven’t caught anything with it yet but it is a very cool plug so I will not be in this giveaway. Thanks anyways hope the winner enjoys it as much as I do

  3. Andrew Coppa

    I have several of Lemire’s innovative and beautifully designed plugs. Calamari popper, Jr wave jammer, squid pencil and needles to name a few. I would love to add this plug to the family and would use it in the many boulder fields on Block Island.

  4. Ned Parillo

    Fan of the Lemire plugs and I would be throwing it on the north shore of MA and maybe a few spots on the Cape.

  5. Rob W

    South Shore Massachusetts boulder fields from the surf, casting to the rocky outcroppings around the Boston Harbor Islands from my boat.

  6. Lynn Klender

    I’d have her hanging from my rear view mirror in my powder blue bug…
    But, I’d consider letting my boyfriend use it to fish the Ditch on the Cape.

  7. Tony Cone

    Oh man, I saw these a couple years ago but have not seen since. Grew up tossing Jitter Bugs for LM bass in local lakes. These would be great for Bass and Blues. I would use right here in CT on the sound. In Holly Pond on a calm day would be awesome seeing a fish come up and take it. Also, I fish a lot in my kayak (not as often as I would like though) and a few places around the Norwalk Islands would be fantastic for this lure. When I fish my kayak I have 3 rods; 1 for trolling, 1 for jigging and 1 for top water. This would be my go-to top water lure.

  8. Will

    I’d use it over the troughs of the flats where slobs hide in the shadows and love to hit top water.

  9. thomas pelto

    I’d use this beauty around sakonnet point ri. Between there and warrens point there are plenty of boulder fields to probe with it’s wake. Dusk would have to be the time to go just enough light to fish crash as it skips along the surface.

  10. Mark Garceau

    I’d be throwing this around the shoreline of Newport, South Kingstown and up inside Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

  11. papasbigboy

    a 12 year old surfcaster so im not able to fish montauk or cutty but i would love to fish rocky point and miller place new york with the sea fly. alot of good structure around there

  12. Jason Villanti

    I’m in. I always use his plugs all the time, they are awesome! Would def. love to add this to the collection. I would use it down in Montauk & Sandy Hook ( Ocean Side )

  13. Jake barker

    The jumping bait fish in the back bay or a repeated casts fit in the surf because I have gotten spool off 80lb test braid on stripers in the surf with pencil poppers this would absolute kill the surf and the back bays! It also would give me a workout casting that tank and a half thanks for the chance

  14. Rashid Jalili

    I would use this beautiful plug in the back bays and channels of the North Shore. Would even try it on the South Shore. Looks Hot ….great Idea to make a better casting chug bug

  15. Oomygonia

    I know the perfect rocky spot! One of my favorite NJ jetties was thrashed by Sandy and there is a field of boulders strewn out for quite a distance. This lure would be perfect!


    I’d throw this on the North Shore of Long Island. I have a pink seafly that has caught me a few fish. Great casting plug.

  17. Scott Martin

    I would love to try this here in Cabo San Lucas, MX. Roosters, Pargos, Sierra Mackerels would likely eat it up.

  18. thomaskarl

    I live in the Huntington area on the north shore of LI, and I have a little boulder-strewn beach by my house that may be perfect for something like the Sea Fly. Would love to check one out.

  19. Anthony K.

    Im just following the fish, from Cape may to Sandy Hook… If I run into em I will surely cast it out there and watch it do its magic.. Im in, thanx!

  20. Mike Taylor

    It would serve me well around the rocks at sandy point state reservation on the south end of plum island up here in MA!

  21. Jeffry Wright

    I would us it on north jetty of Barnaget Inlet, New Jersey. I would fish it at the end of the flood.

  22. Dave Whitney

    I would try that jitter bug on the last or first hour of either side of high or low tide, dawn or dusk any place I fish ! I am in,

  23. Paul G

    Boulder field off the beach in Charlestown, RI. Of course, I might need to buy a new rod to help throw it.

  24. Keith

    I’m in. I’ll be tossing her on the back bay and calm seas at night. Closest that I can get to night fishing at the Quabbin. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Joe GaNun

    I would fish this baby on really flat water clear nights at high flood and ebb along the edges of the local jetties, from the beach tight to the rocks

  26. George M

    I would fish it in the boulder field off of westport,ma ,mouth of the river!
    I’m in too Thanks

  27. Brian K

    The plug would be GREAT fro many places where I fish, New Jersey 1st- Island Beach State Park, Cape May around the Inlets, back bays behind Stone Harbor, Sea Isle and even behind AC and Btine. I also think this would be great in the Delaware River after the spring spawn and even for resident that cruise the shores on the PA and NJ banks. I do not get up to fish much North of the hook but if I did I guess I would use it up there, just maybe need a little instruction from someone on how to “pop” it up there. I also think there would be home or “landing spot for that plug ANYWHERE ” in Florida. Been down there a lot and I think this would “killem” down there for reds and snook and even offshore for some fish like dolphin, small tunas and kings!!
    Oh well hopefully this contest is open to guy who do not always fish north of the bridges.

  28. Frank Breakell

    I’d fish it along the jetties, sod banks, and flats around d South Jersey. Not to mention the creek mouths in the evening outgoing tide. I have visions of that plug flying as Stripers try to destroy it!

  29. donzie67

    A few back bay spots I like to fish and a spot in the backside of a harbor I fish. All skinny water. Would love to see it smacked hard in one of these spots.

  30. John B

    I’d use it many places, off jetties in NJ, Montauk when the conditions are right, and the Cape Cod canal during slack. Maybe even off of a boat.

  31. Tony Politi

    Wow, I used to love fishing the jitterbug for largemouth, would love to throw that at a few places for stripers.
    Oh yeah, I’m in

  32. c4red

    I’m in and I’d try it on those resident stripers in the local harbors of south Jersey, probably at nite.


  33. Mbo

    Narragansett Bay on a full moon, reeeeeeelllll slooooow. Occasional pop….. Reeeeeeeeeeeel… Pop! Reeeeeeel, BANG! Fish on!!

    Thanks for the chance…

  34. Mark C.

    I now live in CT an d there there are two places I would use this in CT both are boulder fields.

  35. Ed Cardoza

    Please enter me in the contest. Would love to put it to the test in my August stomping grounds…the North Shore boulder fields of Martha’s Vineyard!

  36. Mike S.

    I’m in and I’d use it were the fish be swimming, ha …. in one of our mant backbay SS spots ….


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