Winner of Lemire’s Plugworks GT Swimmer and MTK LTD shirts

I am going to make this short and sweet because if you see a thousand guys into a blitz and one dude with a camera running like chicken without found me 🙂


The winner of GT Swimmer by Lemire’s plugworks is …CT Matt

Please email me your shipping address at

The MTK LTD shirt…whatever is left is in online store. Very limited in quantities, some sizes only one of two. First come, first served. I figured i’d let you guys know about it first

Please be advised that all your orders will be shipped on Sunday and not the same day as you are used to. Because I have to play sometimes too 🙂


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18 comments on “Winner of Lemire’s Plugworks GT Swimmer and MTK LTD shirts

  1. Jim M.

    I have loved the pics and videos you have posted on the site, and frequently wondered “How he did do that?” Any chance of a future article of tricks and tips for shooting pics by the suds coming up?

    I was taken by the view from a jetty the night before that last storm, and would’ve loved to have put the image on film. But my experience with a GoPro at night has been lousy, and I didn’t want to give the DSLR a bath. Great seeing you and Tommy at the show, would’ve loved to have chatted but had to run to work…

  2. CTMatt

    OH &*^%$ I can’t believe I got a sweet plug! I balked at the JSS show because I ran out of cash to spend on Lemire by the time I was near his booth. Now I can enjoy one finally! Thanks SJ/Tommy/Zeno/Lemire’s! Wow this totally made my shitty tough week end better!

    Should I post “I’m In” to be with the cool kids? lol

    Z let me hit the store and see if you have any shirts in my size so you can combine the order. Thanks

  3. CTMatt

    Wouldn’t it be sweeeeet if my photo submission won on the GT lure? Ooooooo lala! I still have the Saltys I won years ago from SJ…somewhere buried in my plug bag. lol


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