Fall run, so far, so good

Fish can be almost a brain dead activity. Find a blitz, cast anything that wiggles, catch a fish. And then there are times that even the smartest scientist would scratch his head trying to figure out how he only caught one fish a tide while everyone few hundred yards away had fish on every cast all tide. And yes, he was in the traditionally “right spot” according to win and tide. It’s crazy..but that is exactly what happened this weekend at Montauk…and last weekend too.

If you fished the night tides from the Get on to one direction you had a fish on every cast. If you did in the other direction you picked few…remarkable, yet totally opposite of last weekend location. The daytime blitzes at dusk with fish not showing but hitting pencil poppers was awesome. The huge waves that came out of nowhere yesterday made for some great filming. No, I did not made a cast in three days although I’ve got few hundred fish on the camera. I said to myself this weekend is just camera, no rods although I did have to get suited up once…to go into the water with a camera…lol

There were some nice fish being caught with a 40 something leading both contest. Ton of teen stripers feasting on mullet, peanuts and snappers…and pencil poppers but that is  mostly at dusk. Who knows what will happen now that wind has shifted from NE to SE yesterday and NW today but NE sure makes for some fun pictures.

From all chatter i got, south shore of Long Island and some places in Rhode Island had a very good action this past week. I hope its good in your neck of the woods


there was a dude with a Mullet Wig…from NJ , where else ? 🙂


lots of whitewater

lots of driving under the waves


and people?..holy crap there was lot of them..but the good time was had by all

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12 comments on “Fall run, so far, so good

  1. Mike burke

    ohhh man i am excited , thanks for the cool photos.I fish nj for my stripes with living in pa and all so the run hasnt quite made it yet with the ocean just hoverin at 70 still. Some schoolies have been in the surf in small numbers so things are looking up. Always wanted to wet suit looks insane , korkers and rock cleats is all i need in jersey. you wetsuit guys are hardcore i love it.

  2. shaan

    Hi Z, it was great seeing you and chit-chatting with you….Fishing along with Alberto, getting smashed by wave…all in all…great fun…..you did play a lot with your Camera…nice pic 😉

  3. captn bob

    Damn that must be Joe Dirts brother! Local Atlantic county tourney starts in south jersey tomorrow. Water still to warm but some keeper bass have been picked up lately.

  4. John P

    I think I was one of the “scientists” who only had 5 fish for about 6 hours work. Granted, I really wanted to fly fish, and was not interested in elbowing my way into the line-up.

    What it came down to is I thought the fish would have turned the corner and infiltrated the south side a little better. But two things became very obvious: 1. No the fish had not really made a showing on the south side (at least the Sat tides I was there), and (2) most of the rest were sticking with the reports and were not interesting in scouting. I walked for almost 2 miles on the south side and didnt see a single caster. How could that be, the weekend of the contest? But no signs of bait either, so I clearly didn’t get the memo.

  5. Sean Kearney

    Great weekend indeed, was worth making the trip from my island just to see everyone and talk with some familiar faces, let alone bail fish until I could barely move anymore – I’m sure you got a couple great beauty shots of me when I was standing there lifeless in the circle bs’ing with you guys. I was leaning on my rod so hard I’m surprised it didn’t snap!

  6. Louis DeRicco

    Hello my brother,

    Are you going out to Montauk again this weekend? I actually went out late Saturday night and fished Sunday morning. Guess I missed you. Wasn’t too happy with the results. I had heard that there had been some fish over the past few days, but not for me on Sunday. Just a short pick. Also, didn’t see any anchovies, False Albicore or bass on the surface. I spoke to a fellow that was on The Viking on Saturday night. He said that there were 60 passengers and only two keepers taken. That is scary. It also doesn’t seem like there are many bass by us at home……… One of my friends, who happens to be a very experienced surfcaster, fished south shore over the weekend. He said that there were all the mullet and peanuts you wanted, but he could only manage small bluefish. I am starting to become very worried. I guess I am not starting to become worried. I have been worried and have been crying about this for at least five years. Patterns are changing, or there are just not as many fish. Also, I am not hearing anything about sand eels. The sand eels are what saved me and many others over the past two years…………….I am really NOT feeling like this fall run is “so far, so good”. I hope I am wrong………….

    Louis J. DeRicco


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