The Wiggle, tonight’s show and some new shirts

Not every day in surfcaster’s life has to be …how should I say “hardcore”? 🙂

Sometimes you just got to take it out and wiggle it

no , not that !!!

Your new Super Strike Heavy Popper…

Life is too short not to have a little fun with a video…see you tonight


btw..just off the press last night a short run of Limited Edition tshirts just for the show tonight. If any left we’ll put them in the online store on the weekend

See you tonight

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14 comments on “The Wiggle, tonight’s show and some new shirts

  1. R Kretzer

    Darn it! stuck in hosp. and i want one of those shirts!
    finally done the way i like w/the big print on the rear.
    and a front chest tag. great job.


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