Winner of GreenPoint Lure is…

Lets announce the winner of Green Point tackle sharp eye lure

the randomly selected winner is….carmine tango

Congrats……….you have 5 days to email us at with you mailing address

Good to see a lot of all friends at Asbury…I took bunch of picture which I hope to upload to the blog in next few days. Guys from Asbury did a great job as usual. We sat back to back to Big Rock and his family  . Tommy and I sat on one side and Big Rock, his  wife and daughter, with chairs touching our backs . About 15 minutes before the show ended and after we traded numerous barbs by sitting in close quarters Big Rocks pulls me aside, gives me few lures and ask” I want you to give these to Tommy. Are you going to see him soon “?

I turned around and said,” Why don’t you give it to him, he has been sitting next to you for the past 7 hours…lmao

I never knew they were never formaly introduced

you can’t make this stuff up.

I think those two will be close buddies from now on 🙂


I came home and took an inventory of stuff we had left. As you know, we are not in the retail business, our main objective is to promote the mag. With gear from the store we offset some of the cost and many of you have told us you proudly wear SJ gear. We were talking about SJ shirts or maybe sweatshirts in the car on the way back. It will happen in the future but not in the way you might expect. We might “pre-sell” the items and only print whatever it was ordered. Like I said, we don’t have place, money or energy to carry extra inventory. It’s something we will be working on for future….

We also hear you on ipad thing, it’s something we will be exploring in the near future


The new “Old School” hats are at our online store. Only about dozen and a half so if you grab want one, we suggest you grab it.

MTK shirts in Bay are only available in Medium and only few, all other sizes are gone

Oyster color, all sizes are in stock but few of each

All Mtk t-shirts that are left are reduced to $20

Mtk Sweatshirt are reduced to $45 and only M,2XL and 3XL  available

There are only 3 blue reel covers left with SJ logo, green bags are gone

as always, no additional shipping on anything in online store


9 comments on “Winner of GreenPoint Lure is…

  1. CTMatt

    Please send the entire table (and the Dunkin Donuts) to the following address…just don’t tell my wife what it is.

  2. njplugger


    Congrats on winning your plug, tight lines with it!


    Glad you & Tommy had a good day at Asbury.

  3. David Strom

    When you get around to posting the Asbury show photos, could you please report on the size of the crowd? I had other commitments but was a bit put off by the expected crowding. Thanks.

    Enjoying your blog & magazine, thanks for both.


  4. Armand (Rhode Island Popper)

    Hey Zeno. It was great seeing you buddy. I had a ball with your new Pluggage editor Dave whats-his-name. LOL. The weekend was killer for me and the RIPop Gang! Now I’m recouperating. and hoping to see you soon because I’ve got some surprizes 😉
    Super pic of Big Rock and Tommy.

  5. Jim Hill

    Wow I actually saw you take that picture!Great to see you as always!What a great time!I think the Asbury show is my fvorite one to do.We really did well at the AOK table I sold everything Steve let me take!I look forward to seeing your pictures!


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