Asbury bound

Asbury bound this morning…if you guys are attending, stop by the table and say hi. If it’s like past years, you might have to wait unlit Cyclone line dies down to even get close to us

I got a question for all you Ipad and Iphoe users….I know you guys can see the world most awesome publication on your phone or a pad. I been thinking about a way to somehow maybe figure out of a way to make it available. Is there enough of you out these to look into this? I am not sure what the expense of process would be..if someone has a clue feel free to chime in

Speaking of Asbury and lures, Rob at LI Outdoorsman sent me a note that he will be carrying Lemire’s lures this spring. Maybe when he gets an order in , he can let us know.

I been thinking about these shows lately. I don’t know if its that the wood craze is over, or is because the economy and gas prices pout a real hurting on our wallets but the attendance is suffering. My fear is that big shows like risaa will be fine as manufacturers need them and these small type flea market will get by but the regional shows, the smaller weekend shows in NY and NJ, I am fearful of their future. I hope my fears are unfounded as these guys put in incredible amount of work to make it happen.

I will try to announce the winner of Green Point lure tomorrow, little pressed for time to do a drawing. If you are not  going to any shows or doing yard work, I can’t think of a better thing to do then read the Surfcaster’s Journal 🙂

16 comments on “Asbury bound

  1. Dan Radman

    Z. I’m and iPhone and iPad user. Reading the blog on either is good, but the magazine is not viewable on either. I guess because it’s written in Abobe Flash? Would be Awesome to be able to read the magazine on iPad. even if i had to pay for it. Good luck at AP today.

  2. Drownin Worms

    One option is to make it a PDF file which can be downloaded and viewed on either the iPhone or iPad. I am a publisher and use PDFs for some of my clients with the same question. There are a few other options. If I can be of any help, shoot me an email. Tom

  3. Chris Contaldi

    Don’t get a big head, however, after I purchased an iPad and realized I couldn’t read the magazine on it it was promptly returned. You are influencing Apple’s sales!

  4. dennis

    Hey Z,

    Good luck in Asbury….This is the 1st year I haven’t been to a show.The reason $$$$$ I don’t have the money to spend on gas + admission costs.

    Take care Dennis

  5. CTMatt

    I am with Dennis. I have a few B+T friends going but from CT I am looking at $60 to get in the door tax/tolls. I’d rather put that in SJ’s donation bin over the next few months. Trust me though wish I could go but gas would kill me.

    I too am an iPhone and soon to be iPad owner and a PDF is the way to go as an additional media availability.

  6. Bil K

    I use an android platform and I can read the Journal in HD! What you may be after is an “app” just for SJM. NOt sure of the cost to develop….

  7. Chris A

    Did not buy the Ipad because it does not have flash.. Thats right because I cant view your mag on it but the new should have it

  8. Anthony Rich

    Why dont you just PDF it for now. I make both ISSUU and PDF available for my Summer Camp.

    The only problem is that PDF displays vertically rather than flipping the page. Set the view to two page continuous and put a blamk of welcome page before the cover so the mag keeps it format.

  9. Vincent Carr

    I have an Iphone and have no problem reading your posts on Facebook and the Blog. But as far as the magazine goes I can’t view it on the Iphone. After reading some of the posts above I agree that saving or having the option of a PDF file would be great. Iphone users would be able to read the magazine on the go, a train, anywhere.

  10. David K

    I have both iphones and ipad. I think since more ppl are going to ipads, millions, that it would be great to be able to see it on ipad. Not sure how much that would cost? Most websites are converting, but those have income. You can set up a ipad fund, i would donate $5 or 10 to be able to view on my ipad esp sine this will be every 2 months now.


  11. John Martines

    Zeno, Great to finally meet you. Asbury of course was great and they do put on a great show, But i fear that the economy/gas. I can’t say the wood craze is over so much as it is just people aren’t spending what they would have 2 years ago.The economy/money or lack of puts people in a funk for sure. I had good discounts on rod blanks that in years past would have been gone but this year I came home with more then I thought I would. I hope that this year 2011 we see this turn around and make the shows in 2012 even better!!

  12. Bunufish

    Went to the li fishing expo… It was close to home. Lot smaller than last year. I am an ipad user… Would love to be able to view the mag on this.

  13. Karl

    sorry I’m not home to see you at Asbury but business has me traveling this weekend, some day I’ll meet you, again appreciate your efforts – the sharing of knowledge and the enjoyment I get when I see your email messages and your your magazine on line- you do a wonderful thing for our sport

  14. Lenman

    I am a I phone user…and would love to see SJ from phone.

    An app would be cool…but if not, anyway of seeing it would be great. By the way…wish I could print the magazine also. Anyway of enabling the print function ?

  15. Miguel Sardinas

    Attendance is suffering because of Marketing – With Good Marketing you can fill any venue

    I was at the show had a great time, Thanks for great show APC



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