Winner of A.O.K. Tackle lures giveaway

The winner of  A.O.K. Tackle giveaway is…
 Roy C
You have 5 days to email us with your address at
We a lot of things to cover, fishing is still worth getting up in the morning around here, we have to pick winners in our STRIPERTHON 2010 contests, we have to work on our December issue of the magazine. We we toying with the idea of extending the contest another month but decided against it.
But first, we have a MAJOR surprise for you
Tune in here tomorrow to find out
I’ll leave you with this picture of Yo Dude aka Tommy aka dudethatmakeshemagsocool  from this morning

9 comments on “Winner of A.O.K. Tackle lures giveaway

  1. Roy C

    Thanks to Z and AOK – for some reason I am unable to use the Info link to send my address so I will send it to Zenos address instead. Thanks again. Roy C


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