Special Holiday issue of the Surfcaster's Journal magazine is waiting for you

 Its nice to be pleasantly surprised on Monday morning huh?
While you were fishing we were busy…very busy.
You expect a little more from us then any other publication and its only fair. We answer to a higher authority….you 🙂
So we put together for you a little Holiday Buyer issue to keep you busy while you waiting with a baited breath for our regularly scheduled issue #5 to hit the web.
Go…you get some reading to do…its live at www.surfcastersjournal.com and waiting for you
Happy Holidays from all of us at Surfcaster’s Journal…we suggest you wear a bib while reading it if you have a coffee cup in your hand  🙂

10 comments on “Special Holiday issue of the Surfcaster's Journal magazine is waiting for you

  1. CTMatt

    I just ordered a few of the T.I. Buddy system…thanks SJ! If I order in bulk will you combine shipping/throw in an extra Titanium Moisturing Gel?

    On a serious note…I would love to see the SJ logo from the last page on some swag/hat/shirt/leather thong T.I Buddy System…

  2. woodwker99

    Thanks! Another great issue. And where do you order that polished turd bucket from again? I laughed so hard reading that. Very unexpected. Great work.

  3. Madmedic

    Where can I submit an application for the polishers for the TI buckets? I think my years in the Army make me qualified to fulfill such a position !! I almost died when I saw that, I actually thought it was an actual product that someone was trying to pawn off on some poor ol soul…. You guys Rock as usual !!!

  4. Madmedic

    O yeah I def agree also with CTMatt thgat last logo is awesome, I tried to set it as a back ground on my computer but was unable to, I think I Black hodie with that logo or anything for that matter would be kick ass

  5. Chris A

    SJ Crew great work and thanks for keeping me update with news on conservation of stripebass You guys should know by now you have the best website around for surfcasting. I am now going to rehab because Of your website; I seem to go to it every hour.

  6. Joe L

    I liked the story about Cuttyhunk.I’ve been fishing Block island the past few years ,but think I’d like to try CH next year.I’d better hit the gym before going there though,sounds like a lot of walking


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