Stand up and be counted

Some of you asked what can be done regarding striped bass…
Here is something every blog subscriber should do before going to bed tonight
Write a short email stating your opposition to increase in commercial allocation
To whom?
Forget Pat Augustine, the dude has never seen a bass that he did nor want to kill or see killed. Lost cause, not even worth your time in this matter.
Foley just lost the election, and I doubt he cares what you think. Chances of his showing up at hearing after he lost his election and cast a vote are probably slim.
The bottom line is that if anglers want to try to change NY’s position on Addendum II, approaching Jim Gilmore at DEC would appear to be the most effective way to do so.  He represents the most critical vote, the one that must be changed in order to change the vote, and the one most willing to listen to citizens who aren’t in some way connected to advocacy groups. 
 He carries his Blackberry with him at meetings, so he will get messages right up until Tuesday’s vote, which will come at some time in the morning.
From all accounts I have heard he is decent man who grew up on Long Island and is a recreational fisherman himself.
Maybe if he hears from you he will realize that there is a lot more opposition to this in the fishing community then dozen guys who show up at the hearing
Here is his email


NYSDEC, Marine Resources
205 North Belle Mead Road
East Setauket, NY
Phone: 631/444-0433
FAX: 631/444-0434

you don’t need to be a Shakespeare. you can just tell Mr. Gilmore ” I hope you will vote against increase in Commercial Harvest of Striped Bass”
I’d consider this a personal favor if you drop him a line, regardless what state you reside in. The future of striped bass fishing in New York might deepend on your willingness to type one sentence. And please be courteous and respectful in your email. This is no time for us to antagonize those that can help us

33 comments on “Stand up and be counted

  1. Mike S.

    Here is a copy of what I sent ….

    Guys, Z is right …. if you believe in protecting this amazing species then say something …. every voice counts!

    Subject: Pressing concern for our future generations

    Dear Mr. Gilmore,

    I am sending you this email in regards to the upcoming vote on striped bass. It has been brought to my attention that you too grew up on Long Island and are also a recreational angler. That said, I am askinging you as well as all your constituents to please vote no when in comes to increasing the commercial harvest of striped bass.

    I do not pretend to be a scientist so I will not bore you with all the facts as has been presented (as I am sure as with most debates, the truth lies somewhere in the middle). But I will tell you this, my wife and I live on this island and have been blessed with two beautiful girls who love to spend time fishing with dad and “conservatively” enjoy the bounty provided by the sea. It would be a terrible thing if we as steward’s of this sea did not act now so as to protect this wonderful species for all future generations (my two daughters included) to enjoy.

    Thank you in advance for your time and hopefully my email in some small way makes a difference.

    Michael (and Sarah & Ashlee)

  2. CTMatt

    I wrote a few paragraphs based on the fact stripers are already in peril due to the Mycobacteriosis as well as the fact since 2004 or so numbers of babys from a year old up have not been feding.thriving etc. It is Bass Akwards to increase the commercial harvesting!

  3. Ross

    Done…hopefully he listens…seems like now is the time to begin a campaign with Governor-elect Cuomo to get Augustine removed from the post…

  4. Steve K.

    Done. Also will note that many recs are in favor of a recreational decrease so us recs don’t look too greedy.

  5. Tony Marchisotto

    Done… I also asked him to raise the Hudson river size to 28 inches and reduce the recreational limit to 1fish per day

  6. BobEisey

    while drying out from some dunking in the suds yesterday, I will spend some time today sending a more detailed letter in addition to the short one already sent. Thanks for the heads up.


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