Win a new Hansom plier sheath

Let’s start the week off right by giving one of you a chance to win this new orange pliers sheath from Hansom Tackle.
Designed and MADE IN THE USA by Aquaskinz exclusively for Hansom Pliers. This sheath is durable, light weight and built to last. Constructed from 22oz Vinyl Coated Polyester which is 100% Mildew and U.V. Resistant. For the binding they used a Flexible Vinyl-Coated Polyester that is very light- weight and extremely strong. This sheath is expertly designed by Aquaskinz to fit their AP-8 Pliers perfectly. This design won’t take on water and get weighed down. It fits their pliers so perfectly that you’ll always know they are safe and secure on your hip. Available in orange or black

The winner will get  an orange sheath. Lots of stuff coming this week, Part 2 of Paulies inteview, some other interesting videos and other stuff

One more week till issue #10 arrives…if you haven’t read issue # 9 cover to cover, now might be a good time 😉
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188 comments on “Win a new Hansom plier sheath

  1. Jeremy

    Would give me a great excuse to upgrade my pliers, you know to the wife…..yeah the arguments for a vs pliers didnt go over too well when she saw the price hehe. Been lookin at the Hansom ones on EdgeAngling and real good reviews at an explainable price too

  2. Mag-Darter

    IM IN, thanks for the chance Z. PS. My brother has won two of your contests so far and I have yet to win one! 🙁

  3. MRisser

    I’m in. Just got a pair of these two weeks ago and they’re pretty nice. Love to have the sheath I was too cheap to spring for.


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