What are the chances ?

I know this is a strange question, but it’s something it’s been on my mind lately.

How difficult would you think it would be to record landing a 50lb stripers from the surf in the dark? I mean, what are the odds that someone with camera will be there when you catch one? Or you being there with a camera when someone else lands one?

What camera would you use? Go Pro does not work at night unless you ask Spielberg to let you borrow a giant floodlight to light up the spot…of course this would go over well with those who are fishing there. Maybe you could even get away with a rod not being shoved up your…

So, you need to be at the precise spot where the 50 pounder will be caught. You can’t use any lights to illuminate your subject and you basically need a night vision camera…

So, I want you to voice your opinion, what is the chance of a 50 pound stripers being landed on camera, at night, without lights?


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btw..I think you guys are going to get a kick out of this.

This is a new Mars Rover that is going in the space in few weeks. There are parts on this Rover machined by the guys at ZeeBaaS…kind of neat if you ask me

13 comments on “What are the chances ?

  1. Irish

    I think this is a matter of timing. I fish pretty hard , listen to others try test and try again. Fish good spots often in good tides in the dark and have nothing over 25-26lbs. I am feeding avas to sea robins with my sons on a south shore beach for fun and some lunatic next to me catches a 45-50 on a tin fluke hook on two mole crabs in the middle of a crowded swimming beach. It can happen anywhere , will it happen in front of a camera like I said highly unlikey, but surely possible.

  2. Greg Tucceri

    What he said above ,it is timing and fishing the tides and most important of all bait. I hope when I finally do it there is no fog or its not raining so the shot comes out clear.

  3. Greg O


  4. bob jones

    My Posse consists of a union camera man, union lighting guy and licenced IGFA representative.
    I have my 60# boga’s accuracy checked by brookhaven labs every other day.
    I catch a monster bass & they’re all at ‘dinner break’.
    Union rules.
    Go figure. BJ

  5. Talltale

    While fishing under the Lighthouse during a Noreaster last year a notable MTK surf caster showed up with his cameraman in tow. Check off “Even a caveman can do it” for him. I’ll be sooner hit by lightning, lol.

  6. Lenman

    I am also thinking you got an ace up your sleeve. No you did not Zeno . Did you capture this and just can’t show it yet so not to spot burn. Christmas is around the corner ….. That would nice to see buddy.


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