Tuesday's ramblings


I did get a chance to get out this weekend. I even managed to give a drag on a ZeeBaaS a good work out. I was particular impressed with the balls on the CTS rod Lou built me. Sweet…now if I can find few more fish of that size. Sad fact is that is the only hit I had. But I will take it. Few more interesting thing happened this weekend but you will have to wait awhile till I can fill you in. As you know, certain things in this sport have to become an old news before you are allowed to talk about them.

I am still amazed of just how thin these new blanks are from St Croix, CTS and others. It almost feels like you are fishing with a light tackle rod, never have to worry about your shoulders or arms tiring from casting. But once you hook into a moose, only then will you know just what kind a beast you got in your hands.


As you seen on Sunday, I added a poll, more out of curiosity than anything else. I would like to incorporate these polls into the posts going forward. Here is a poll that is probably more interesting to me than many of you but I just had to know the answer. We have some good writers and we have been blessed with many good books on surf fishing last few years. Forget my books, which are so full of “zenoisam” that if you are a English professor you probably had a mild stroke from aggravation when reading. I am talking about real sharpies like Skinner, Doc Muller, DJ Muller and so on….out of these three, who is the guy that you can’t wait to read whatever he writes?

 [polldaddy poll=5627144]

and last but not least


Who said Super Strike does not make wood? 😉

28 comments on “Tuesday's ramblings

  1. Jeremy

    You crack me up man. Nice fish! and Super Strike damn!…I thought its just a rumor you’re makin wood plugs now.

  2. Ed

    That’s what I’m talking about Z! You know bait is expensive if you have to retrieve it from a catch before releasing.

  3. in & out

    I don’t know who the best is ,but I would enjoy a video biography of your self and these sharpies,so we could get to know “our authors”.

  4. CTMatt

    OH &*^%

    I know the kind of girls Steve likes lol…some junk in the trunk haha!

    Love to see her bend over a rock with nothing but Korkers on lol…

    Oh wait…there was a poll? I was thinking with my pole instead…sorry.

  5. Tony Marchisotto

    I won’t vote because I like (Z) them all plus others (Z)
    BTW I think that’s the best photo you ever submitted Z.
    That IS my choice in the next give away…LOL

  6. Lenman

    Love to see a how to book from rich trox.
    Oh and the pic was great until lady next to me on the lirr looked…. Probably thinking what a perv. Hahahahaha

  7. Tight Lines

    That is one hot tuna there. I would love to cast some wood her way. And you wonder why some of us are bottom feeders. Just placed any order for Super Strike!. Nice (.Y.)’s


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