Win a Heavy Needlefish from Super Strike Lures

I hope you enjoyed watching the video we featured yesterday on the blog. John truly is one of a kind when it comes to explaining how and why things work. Too bad his background as a Brookhaven National Lab scientists prevents me from putting a GPS under his truck and finding out where he fishes. The last thing I need is the boys from Homeland Security at my doors…lol

And no, I am not hiding that delicious looking Commando Cube Surf Bag…ok, I am . But I will give you a chance to win it in a day or two. What a way to get into a New Year

But first, I have a sweet lure for you. I think Super Strike Heavy needlefish have been nothing short of a spectacular success. From its casting to fish catching abilities, these needlefish were responsible for so many bass during this crazy NJ sand eel run, it’s not even funny. We used them in the inlets too, one night we feed a bunch to giant bluefish we could not prevent from swallowing whole. If you ask me, Super Strike should buy the “Don’t leave home without it” slogan from Amex. Or at least borrow it.

Today , one of you will win this 2 1/2 ounce heavy needlefish in a sweet pattern. Steve is definitely getting more artistic with his air brush  these days 🙂

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383 comments on “Win a Heavy Needlefish from Super Strike Lures

  1. Mike L

    I’m in, These Bullets have been the key for me this fall at hi-tide to get over the bar and at other time with a teaser, I always have 1 in my bag.Thanks for the chance,sweet paint job

  2. gil d'Oliveira

    has anyone ever tried your needle fish lures on the the west coast of canada , beach fishing for salmon ? I catch alot of coho and spring salmon on spoons and spinner but yet find a floating needle fish lure with weight of 3/8 to 1 oz . around 4 -5 inches . We use lite tackle out here.

    thanks gil
    nanaimo bc


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