Special gift

Yes, the Christmas is over. But we keep delivering gifts in one form or another.

We announced the winners of our STRIPERTHON 2011 Catch and Release contest. We announced the winners of AOK, SS, Rod Vault and Commando Surfcasting giveaways…and we got more coming

But first, a special gift. A 20 minute interview that is worth its weight in gold, if there was such a thing. Some of you will learn more listening to John speaks then you ever did watching a fishing video. And if you haven’t bought John’s new book yet, Fishing the Bucktail, you will after you watch this.

But this is not about a book, or egos. This is about John driving for hours and sitting in chair, doing the inteview for many more. This is about unpleasant task of countless hours of editing and trimming, and adding and subtracting…To give you something you can watch and say, hey, this is done nice. And for me ?

Yes, because you are worth it.

This is about giving back to the sport we love…nothing more, nothing less

So pull up a chair,  grab a cup of coffee and start your day of right

Enjoy (as always, we recommend you crank your youtube setting to  HQ 1080 )




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25 comments on “Special gift

  1. Jeremy Antworth

    Too much great stuff too even mention. John is an excellent speaker. Beautiful job Zeno. Thank you very much guys. nuff said by me.

  2. Bruce Campo

    Really appreciate the work and time you put in providing such a great product. love the video. I’m getting the book!

  3. Greg Tucceri

    Great stuff as always, I really need to commit some time into bucktailing and jigging. I do nothing put plugs and swimmers and feel I’m missing out on big fish alot of the times.

  4. Philip Brill

    WOW…John really knows his stuff. EXCELLENT.
    Thanks for this wonderful gift.
    I have a new paradigm for fishing with bucktails now.

  5. backlash

    Spot on John! 100% fact, 0% fiction. Excellent video. Answers most questions and concerns and is highly informative. A must see for novices and veterans alike! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ron H

    What a great speaker!! This video is full of information for the novice or the pro. John shared a load of good information in this video. S.J. thanks for putting this together.

  7. Sean Kearney

    Thanks for the video guys, really enjoyed it. Got the book from you guys a couple weeks ago cant wait to start reading it!

  8. Allen W

    Can’t watch this or any of Johns video’s cause they make me want to go fishing! LOL! Thank you guys for the great stuff. Inspiring as always.

  9. David K

    Thanks for doing this guys! I bought the book when it came out and, honestly, could not get through it. Will read it again this winter after seeing this video. It is nice to actually get to know the person that wrote it after seeing this and the other videos.


  10. Irish

    half through with the book my wife got me for Christmas, excellent info. the video supports the text. There are some really cool insights in the book.

  11. michael Gallego

    Excellent video. I learned alot from it and I plan to practice with the bucktail in the spring, and hopefully it catch some bass for me. Thanks for the education.


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