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Let me start with a good news..

Tune in this weekend for a spectacular giveaway of a Commando Cube Surf Bag. We are going to say goodbye to old and kick in a New Year in SJ style…by showering you with gifts. Seriously, it’s been a crazy week or two here with holidays, giveaways, shipping and family stuff. I am still in shock about giving away two Commando bags, Rod Vault, Super Strike, Lemire and more stuff to come. Heck, we could have a giveaway a day but we don’t want this blog to be just about that.


The second thing I want to tell you about, something that makes me very happy is to announce that great RI sharpie Steve McKenna will write a column for Surfcaster’s Journal starting in March. On what? Whatever pops in his head, he has earned that much :-). We are thrilled to ad his voice to already great group surfcasters that write for SJ. Steve is a good friend of mine and one of the most accomplished surfcasters of this generation.

And the downer is ? I am sharing this with you for one reason only, to increase you awareness of things you do. Yesterday a package arrived at my house. Had a strange name on it but my address and really funny return address. My wife spooked the shit out of me as she said that when she shook it felt like powder. Don’t touch it, I said , till I get home from work! My first thought was anthrax .Hey, as Tommy says there are plenty of haters out there. Second thing I though was a cocaine. Some dude from Columbia mailed it to me…hey, strange things go through your head at work.

I got home and took a small , flat box outside and carefully opened it upwind. I was relieved that to what my wife referred as “powder like” was a jewelry pouch with some kind of bracelet from this website called ICE. The only thing was I didnt order it. I told my wife to either call them and requests a return shipping and we’ll send it back or email them and I went to work on a PC. Five minutes later, she came running down the stair to tell me she is on the phone with them and yes, the bracelet was bought with my business debit card. How is that possible? I took that card out of my wallet once in last 3 months?

I logged in my business checking only to turn pale white as I realized that whatever measly amount of money we had there was half gone. More than a dozen online purchase of stuff I don’t even know what it is. Needles to say , I spent the rest of the day in the bank signing affidavits to try to reverse transactions. They told me I will be made whole but it will take time. I am a guy who never uses plastic. Love to have it with me but if I can’t pay cash I am not buying. I think I was the only guy at Best Buy last week getting ipad another stuff and paying cash. Dude looked at hundred dollar bills like I gave him fing Albanian dinars. So if this crap can happen to me, it can happen to any of you. Just want you to be careful, that is it.


Happy New Year


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  1. Jeremy A

    Thanks Z! Sorry to hear that though. Its happened to my family twice in the last year…..what a pain in the arse…I feel your pain…I dont understand how someone got our card info either. We got the money back though and I pray you will too. Happy New Years and love to read anything Steve writes! He changed the way I fish.

  2. Allen W

    Hey Zeno sorry to hear that you fell victim to some sleaze bags who won’t work for their own money. Unfortunately it’s so common, but that being said yes the banks are prepared and I’m sure your family will be fine. Great news on getting Steve McKenna to write for SJ. Can’t wait! Take good care and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Bucktail Pete

    Sorry to hear that! I had something similar to that happen to me with my iTunes account. Now I pay the iTunes cards when I need to. Hope everything works out for you.


    Steve is my boy i started riggin slugos like him and i kill it in the delaware river in the spring. couldnt be more happier with the sj and thanks for your help zeno, on directing we to those sites, gary makes beautiful stuff. wish all the best in the new year….. oh hahah even though i got a new auqa skinz bag im in on that cube!!!

  5. Mohamed I

    Sorry to hear that Z! Like others and yourself I too have had that horrible experience. Keep your head up! Thanks for everything that you and the SJ team do for us. Have a wonderful new year!

  6. Manny

    Ouch.. it’s happened to me with with my Citi credit card not debit. Actually it happened 3 times with Citi, they closed the card & re-issued a new one ASAP each time & reversed the charges. Really have no idea how anyone got the info but but I have since closed all my Citi accounts.

    Unfortunately, I know they service other issuer cards (like Exxon/Mobil for one).

    Ugly stuff – I’m sure you’ll wind up whole, but it is a PIA for sure.

    All the best – Manny

  7. Rob G

    Had it happen to me last week with my Citi credit card. My thoughts are that it happens from all the online purchases I make. I was told that the best way to prevent this is to go on the card website prior to making an online purchase and have them issue a “virtual account number”. They basically create an account number for that specific transaction and it expires within 24-48 hours.

    It works but can sometimes be an issue when you purchase thought sites like amazon who sometimes have delays in completing the transaction due to multiple sellers.

    Anyways, excited to hear about Steve joining the team!

  8. mattm

    its sad now a days they can scan your card if u have it on you in pocket or purse those lil metal wallets prevent this they can also hack your smart phone and take your info from there its a sad world we live in

  9. steve j

    people can get your card info in so many ways now. its happened to me so many times. i had $100 worth of purchases on my debit card to itunes once because someone hacked their site and got personal info. this can happen with any website that accepts credit cards, or the credit card companies themselves. the internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time

  10. Ron Mattson

    As long as we have a justice system patting them on the back,these thefts will occur. I have been through this 2X and when I asked if I can assist by being a witness in court I was told there would probably be no court trial.So you are right..a sign of the bad times. Hope all have a very Happy New Year.

  11. fishinthedark

    Z What a PIA, had some similiar issues ahwile back and thankfully cleared the issues up and didn’t get burned.

    The internet besides having ruined fishing has made us the USA the target of every crimmal enterprise in the world and your experience is a reflection of that very sad fact 🙁

  12. Michael S

    Sorry to hear that I always also make sure to take your receipts from the ATM.Your last four numbers of your acct is on it. They can get the rest if they want you have to be very careful today.Take care and have a Happy New Year Everybody.

  13. woodwker99

    Z great news about Steve writing for SJ. Sorry to hear you got thieved. I’d look into the one place you used the card. they sometimes copy your info. if their receipt that you sign has more then the last 4 digits on it cross off all but those last 4. And if they give you a hard time about it report them to the card company.

  14. Greg Tucceri

    Happened to me last week. Just got my new card today, twice in the last two years. Thank god for fraud protection.

  15. matt viggiano

    I’m sorry to here that Z your lucky that’s all that happened and it can be reversed.I’m in on the cube as well

  16. Matt H

    Thanks Z, and sorry to hear about that. This is a good reminder for all of us to keep an eye out on our bank accounts. On a similiar note, there has been a huge increase in the tri-state area involving the skimming of ATM cards. These devices are extremly difficult to identify even if you know what you are looking for. The best way to protect yourself is to consistently check your accounts for any suspicious withdrawls. Hope everyone has a happy new year!

  17. Moses

    Sorry to hear that Z! That really sucks. Glad to hear that Steve McKenna will be contributing to the SJ magazine. Happy New Year guys

  18. mark downey

    This is why I never used my credit card on the internet until I purchased a book called The Art of Surfcasting with Lures. It was worth taking the chance

  19. Karl

    Sorry to hear about your experience with identity theft
    We have been thru it ourselves no fun and can’t figure out how it happens
    on the positive side caught a bass yesterday and this morning nice way to end the year
    Have an enjoyable New Years Eve and hoping for the best in 2012

  20. firstlight

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ve had credit cards compromised on three occasions. Twice, the card company noticed the discrepancy before I received the monthly bill. It amazes me that card merchants can detect my spending habits so readily or at least detect trends (both mine and infiltrators’).

  21. Bill K.

    Z, had same thing happen w I tunes and my debit card…five $100. Purchases in rapid sequence, and apple refused to reimburse…funny thing..I don’t own any apple products at all…my bank took good care of me though..thank God

  22. in & out

    Lmao!!! That best buy s**t happens to me all the time,any cash transactions over $100, takes about a half hour. Technology …too much,too soon.

  23. smoothrover

    Sorry to hear it Z….look on the bright side you will get you money back although you will have to go thro’ little bit of hassle. It happened to me last year, someone just withdrew money from my account in an ATM. One thing I got out of the experience is that you should not store any credit/atm details on a website you make a purchase. Don’t spoil your mood because of this….enjoy the birth of new year….think about the spring that is soon to follow…..summer…fall…happy new year.

  24. Jim C.

    Zeno, sorry to hear about your debit card woes. As long as you and yours are healthy and well, the rest is just small stuff.

    Happy New Year!!!

  25. RA

    I think its a good idea to call the card issuers and change the card number every 3-6 months or so. I’ve had this happen to me via ebay and someone bought ipads and stuff for about $1800. The worst part was it was my debit card. I got my money back but I had to wait a couple weeks at the minimum.

  26. Jon woodman

    Bummer about the ICE Z! At least they only got half your green and not all of it.
    Happy NY, and please consider me ‘in’ for the goodies.

  27. Chad surf

    Zeno, don’t let it bring you down. I’ve been scammed for a good chunk of $$$ two years ago. It helped me to realize that it really isn’t MY money but it is God’s. We just shift it around. It was meant to happen. Happy New Year to you and your Fam!

  28. chuckg

    Same thing happened to me on a debit card, someone in Georgia ran up $600 but the bank made good on it…Have a great year and many more of them…


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