Vito Orlando on Percy Heath "The Fiddler"

In case you missed a YouTube button that accompanied great Vito Orlando’sĀ  tribute to his friend in this issue of the magazine, world class musician late Percy Heath
Here it is
In his own words
The Fiddler

17 comments on “Vito Orlando on Percy Heath "The Fiddler"

  1. Chris A

    Videos and article was great.

    Got a small question??? What ever happened to unimog article or did I miss it…I doubt I did when I visit this site 3 to 4 times a day LOL Thanks SJ for the great work.

  2. CTMatt

    Man, as a music teacher it is always disheartening to think even the greatest of musicians and fisherman deal with racism. Just sucks.
    What a great man he must have been!

  3. mark m

    Call him an ambassador of good will CTMatt, I think we all deal with the subject at different levels. This lighthearted story is about a famous talented musician who happened to be one of the original cast of characters out in Montauk during some of the glory days, not about his race. Our country has come along way for alot of people. This story is an example how a love for our sport and those involved trancends social boundries and creates lasting frienships amongst good hearted people who share a common love for…..surfcasting šŸ™‚

  4. backlash

    Truly a gentelmen. A class act. Glad to have known him and his son Stewie. He put a special charm in Montauk. Miss you Percy.

  5. Lee S.

    That was really great. Always finding things on this site that just enilighten my world a bit more. What a small world it is.


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