Bunker lure set giveaway from Guides Choice

Special giveaway today for a Guides Choice “Bunka Boy” in Bunker pattern and Bunker “Striper Slider” lure, courtesy of Guides Choice….for those of you that are looking to fill your stockings with some nice lures, Guides Choice has a special holiday promotion right now……get a 25% off the order if you buy 4 or more lures. Just use coupon code “Holiday” at http://shop.guideschoicelures.com/
and remember, they pledge 5% of all pretax sales to conservation…We dig that
Anyway, you know what to do if you want to win these beauties

230 comments on “Bunker lure set giveaway from Guides Choice

  1. Old Hippie

    These lures sure would look good in my stocking. Maybe Santa will bring them. So, I’m in. My main wish is that the REAL reason for the season won’t be forgotten. Don’t want to upset anyone by saying this. But this is AMERICA. And we are free to believe the way we want. Can’t say it the way everybody believes. SO, I hope all will be HAPPY and SAFE into the New Year. Thanks to all that are involved in the giveaway. I’m certain that all of us appreciate what Surfcaster and their partners do for us. Don’t forget to check out Recycled Fish. Thanks

  2. matty7

    I’ve got my fingers crossed on this.MY old lady said that I couln’t buy anymore lure but she didn’t say anything about winning them haha.So on that note I’m in.Happy holidays

  3. Lenny

    I’m in…You didn’t get a picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone but you did get one on the Town of Hempstead Calandar….Very Cool 🙂


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