Giveaways and some thoughts on some new things

The winner of Guides Choice Lure Set is….


Congrats…you have 5 days to send us your shipping address to

Thanks to folks at Guides Choice

Those of you that did not enter the fanastic Commando Surfcasting Custom Bag giveaway, this is your last chance

here is the thread to enter

We will pick a winner in few days. Again, thanks to Tom from Commando for making this possible

Once in a while it’s good to revisit things just not to end up with an egg on your face down the line. If I  ever give bad advice or opinion that proved to be awful, I will try to own up and tell you like it is

I wrote about pliers from Hansom Co ( in early fall. They been on my belt the whole fall run, the other day  was the first day they seen the fresh water. I rinsed them and run sponge over them, I have no desire to use a toothbrush like some of you guys do when cleaning your stuff 🙂

I am happy to say that I found no rust anywhere on these pliers. Two months of use and they still look sharp. I found that finish held up pretty good although I have to admit I haven’t been doing much rock hopping this fall. Might be one of my favorite products of 2010. With price under $60, these pliers are very  affordable and should give you years of worry free use.

What else did I try and liked this year?



Hogy doublewide….not only  liked them, loved them. On the tin plate, single hook, double hook, you name it, I used them and caught fish every which way. They cast like a dream and I like the suppleness.

Super Strike heavy needles

Lost first two on consecutive casts to giant bluefish…ouch. Great addition to line up

Big Fish Prey

Sweet metal lip under the right conditions. Took a lot of fish on it at Cutty. I was hoping for a peanut bunker run this fall at home but all I got is tins and green tubes.

LI Best Fishing 2011 calendar by Tom Schlicter

I always wanted to do a calendar but this dude does it in a way that you just have to see it, great pictures, best bets,moons, tips.Very high quality

Salty needles

Dude build a nice plug. They cast well, they hold up and they catch fish. What more you want out of a stick with hooks ?

St Croix Mojo and Legend

After 20 years of a one piece rod I am actualy considering having a 2 piece rod built. And buying a fly rod,…..don’t ask

WileyX polorized shades…damn good glasses and worth every dime

what I didn’t like?

Orvis waders. Their waders continue to disappoint. They have zero clue about what they are doing and from what I can gather, they are basically have very little control over the manufacturing process. Looks too me they just farm their stuff to contract manufacturers. Which is not a bad thing if the thing did not leak like a sieve. Great customer service but who gives a crap when you are soaked.

Stay away AND save money by going with LL Bean. I bought a pair of stocking foot waters a year ago for $99 and still no leaks

17 comments on “Giveaways and some thoughts on some new things

  1. Dave W.

    Congrats Russ!
    Zeno, the pliers are on my list
    I’ve gone through the same with waders. I bought a $200 pair from Cabella’s, lasted less than 2 months before the crotch went. I had much better luck with wadelites from Hodgeman but can’t find them. LL Bean it is. Thanks.

  2. CTMatt

    I bought a local chains breatheables as my budget was tight and rubbers constantly required patching. Every rock u hopped seemed to cause them to gush.

    Although my sporting goods waders were great after a full season ll beans emergers will be next.

    I once bought a back pack from a thrift store that was llbean with a bad zipper. They fixed it no questions asked for shipping in 5 days!

  3. woodwker99

    Z. I have good luck with Frogg Toggs. had a leaky boot they replaced it right away.Never a leak in the body.Breathable and $80.
    Just wanted to wish you and the staff a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. I look forward to every issue of the Magazine, as well as every day of the blog for years to come.

  4. richtrox

    Seeing as I was stupid enough to lose my VS pliers out at Shinny this spring, I think I’ll give the Hansom’s a try. I the words of Arnold Swartzennegger “Tanks for da tip”.

  5. George Mello

    Zeno I picked up a pair of those piers (Hanson) and absolutely love them .. also bought a new surf belt and Manley pliers( when mine was stolen right out of my truck!). Thanks for giving use the reviews on these, they are invalueable to us surfcasters

  6. Zeno Post author

    you are welcome guys….there are a lot of good products out there ,we just try to try a few and tell you about stuff we liked…would never want to run into any one of you on the beach and you tell me that you bought the stuff we wrote about and it was junk

    sick to my stomach watching my beloved Giants…sick

  7. Ed

    Zen, I was reading the holiday issue about sufix 832 braid. I want to ask, do you use a (shock) leader or tie it directly to your lure? It sounds like a good braid and I want a spool, do I have to get it from Sufix or have you seen it at B&Ts?

  8. Zeno Post author

    i always use a leader…about 30 inches..lately I ben using Seguar 40 and 50 lb flouro
    as far as were to buy it…i heard Cabelas has it

  9. CTmatt

    Not to be a fanboy or anything but I have made it a point to try a bunch of the new things from the Holiday list. Until I get some serious mojo in the areas I fish though…no VS/boga just yet for me.

    I got my hands on some Guides Choice and the T.I. Buddy lol…I feel special that I already use a bunch of the other gear like the wolverines, a few of the lures, flouro, gloves, line and even the mojo on pg18 from earlier this season.

    Guess I can’t blame my gear anymore for the one that got away eh?

    Maybe Santa will send me a Commando Bag…hmmm

  10. Jim Hill

    sick to my stomach watching my beloved Giants…sick

    Now Z Thats just too Funny right there!!!!!

    So I got a Mojo Bass 10’6″ 2-6oz and I love it!!!!
    That rod will throw anything.I was even fishin bombers on it and it was fine!!I paired it up with a classic 706Z.I don’t think I’ll ever buy another rod again unless it’s another Mojo!

    I’m really lookin forward to getting a set of those pliers I asked everyone in my family fo them for Christmas but alas my family stopped buying my fishing related gifts years ago.Apparently it’s already to difficult to get into the basement as it is,so I’ve got to pick up a pair of my own.I’m also really interested in that new suffix braid I’ve been throwin suffix for years and it never disappoints.

    Well Thanks Z and staff for giving us a full year of Christmas!I look forward to the next season of the Blog and the journal!

    You Guy’s Rock!!!!!

    HO HO HO

    Go Eagles!!!!!

  11. Lee S.

    Thanks for the tip on the pliers. I could never justify spending for the VS or Accurate ones. The Hansom were on my Xmas list and guess what the girlfriend came through. She fishes too and will be giving them a go as well I’m sure. I f i lend them out. ha ha

    Thanks can’t wait to make some leaders and cut some braid too.
    Lee S in Santa Cruz


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