Two new videos and thoughts on casting in the storms

We had a share of hard winds last two weeks. I was hoping to show in the video “Skinner style” exactly what I mean but my Cringlish skills are not up to par for voiceovers. So here is just one thought.

We found last night most drive on beaches closed due to storm tides. We ended up fishing in some very, very crazy white water almost tailored made for bottle plugs and bucktails. Fortunately the wind laid down for about two hours so we haven’t had issue with loop in the line but that wasn’t the case many of times during last two weeks.

No contact with a plug = no fish. Simple as that. If you have a strong crosswind, you will get some bow in your line. You cant avoid it. Even if you reel like madman by the time you regain contact your plug will be where the waves or sweep took it, not where you intended to cast. Here is one key (there are other like directional casting, under wind casting and others but this one is the most important).

Get the line on the roller and start reeling BEFORE your plugs hits the water, day or night. Yes, it takes a little practice but it will make HUGE difference in your success rate. In the daytime, you can use visual, trying the pick up line and start reeling about a second before it hits the water. That way you will have a line on the reel and picking up the bow in the line before the plug even hits the water. At night, I use the “sound” of the line coming off the reel. I can tell when it stops “whooshing” off the reel which tells me its just about to land in water. Try it during the next storm, it will make a tremendous difference in the way and where you present your plug.


Two new videos (yes, we been busy)

Wayne and Peter Hess, makers of Guppy Lures. Read a full interview in the current, September issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine. The opening sequence vodeo clip delicious looking bluefish credit goes to ZeeBaaS Ron DiCostanzo who shot this in the Sound last week


Second video, new PENN Battle II spinning reel, winner of the Best Saltwater Reel at this year ICAST 2014 in Orlando. $99 to $129, in stores this fall

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