Mackerel Super Strike Darters Giveaway

The SJ crew enjoyed some real nice action last night with some teen size bass and some gorilla blues. Of course there are no pictures of me, as I am the only one who runs around trying to take everyone’s picture. But then again, in all honesty my fish were smaller than anyones’ else. No joke. All the fish came on Super Strike Darters and I think Tommy had one blue that was close to 18 and one at 17 or something like that. I think I’ve seen a dozen of blues over 15 pounds beached and they were spitting out HALF of adult bunker,


yh65yIn honor of the greatest (imho) darter ever made, I will give away two Super Strike Darters from

my personal stash. Two winners, each gets one darter of my choice

Thank you Don and Steve Musso for making such awesome lures



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  1. unkaharry

    I’m in Thank You “Z” Sorry to here about your camera, that sucks Your pictures are one of my favorite parts of SCJ


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