A Must See new video for surfcasters

I am not much of a person who throws around a  “must see”  designation unless name Kate Upton is part of that sentence. There are very few ” must see” videos on You Tube, but there is one that was posted yesterday that will become a “must see” for every surfcaster.

Produced by Surfcaster’s Journal former contributor and one of the sharpest minds ever to make a cast into the ocean, Rich Trox.

This is from what I can see a first video in his series, I watched it in one sitting and can honestly say that it made me a better educated surfcaster after 9 minutes of watching

Great job Rich and we are looking forward to more installments of “TroxVision ”


18 comments on “A Must See new video for surfcasters

  1. Brian K

    VERY VERY GOOD VIDEO!!! Beginners or experts this is a great video for all beach anglers.
    Thanks for posting it up for everyone to see. Will stay tuned for the next one.

  2. woodwker99

    Great ‘t Video. can’t wait for the next one….. But please more volume. I had to get headphones and have silence to hear it. And no there’s nothing wrong with my computer all your other videos play loudly.

  3. chuckR

    Very informative.. good stuff can’t wait until next segment. Volume was low on my mac using google chrome to watch it.. watched using safari and volume was fine.

  4. Beach Bum 47

    Interesting…but I seem to have read much of the same in an already published book and articles? Even some of the same words and terminology?

  5. The1true1

    agreed! sometimes though, for those of us who dont live within 5 mins of the water, a daytime, low-tide scouting trip is a necessary evil, and often is not possible for logistical reasons. however, if you really wanna catch fish, you gotta do this stuff. I think next season i’ll scout it out and place stakes with reflective tape in the areas I found attractive. it does make a big difference, so that you can return in the darkness and have a clue about where to cast. Another thing that makes this a bit tedious: sometimes the wind sweeps down and makes EVERYTHING look like a white-cap. You gotta stare at things for a while to see whats real

  6. SilverKings

    1) Terrific video, Thanks Rich
    The most important thing is to get people to actually read the water. That will surely help anyone who is motivated (but not already reading the water correctly) to catch fish. Much of the structure is dynamic enough to change significantly after a good storm. I constantly see people spiking a rod in unproductive spots that happen to be convenient to parking and not catching anything but a sunburn. They will even ignore birds working.
    2) Z. In FireFox, with computer volume at 100% and the video’s volume control at 100%, not a word could be heard, but SJ’s other videos would blow out the speakers at the same settings. Ditto on another computer. Which browser are you using?
    2a) Using sensitive noise-cancelling headphones, one can get good volume.
    3) Beach Bum 47. Rich is using the proper scientific terms to describe this, so those parts would be familiar if you have read others who did also. It is important to use the proper terms if one wants to do further research into the matter. Any good book on fishing from the beach should have an extensive section on reading the water to determine structure.
    4) Zeno had an excellent chapter on structure in “the Art of Surfcasting with Lures”. This could almost serve as video to reinforce that chapter and Z is doing a great service by linking to it. Thanks, Z.
    5) I’ve spent countless hours burning the locations of fixed structure into my head and reading the water especially at low spring tides. That knowledge has proven priceless.

    1. zhromin Post author

      Silver King
      Video is not SJ , its by Rich so i have no idea what the issues are..I have enough of my own..lol


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