Interview with Paulie, Part II

Do I have to say anything more than Paulie Interview Part II ?


ok, ok, how about a winners of last week giveaway ?


Big Fish swimmer goes to

Big Fish hat goes to

Line Stretcher Lures goes to

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all of you have 5 days to email us your shipping address to


and now…our star…Paulie of Montauk

I would suggest you click on the YouTube button in the right hand corner of the video and watching it on You Tube in High Definition.


17 comments on “Interview with Paulie, Part II

  1. Jeremy

    Beautiful piece Z, Thank you! and I dearly hope to talk to Paulie and fish the point someday.
    and I was just wondering if you’d tell us what your fav pics were.

  2. Zeno Post author

    I just realized that I haven’t added the page #….darn…my favorite was the sj facebook page on the back of the mag..I thought it was hilarious

  3. Jeremy

    Definitely hilarious. Reminds me, Im gonna do some of that River Monsters style fishing someday too. Gotta love that show!

  4. Calfarmli

    Again GREAT Video,Only part I didn’t like is the guy releasing the fish in the first minute.Could have taken a little more care in the release.My humble opinion.

  5. Jeremy

    Agreed about the release…..OUCH! man that hurts. These fish are far too precious to toss around like that. That guy needs to kiss his bass like Jimmy Houston from now on;)

  6. George Cerny

    Dear Z and Paulie, You guys inspired me to visit Montauk to fish for the first time just last week, “old dog, New tricks” or something like that. Dawn broke and found me the only guy on the beach from Browns to Cavets. At first light, not more than forty feet away, a striper smashed my Little Neck popper and in two shakes broke my thirty pound PP. Last touch that day but I went home a happy man. Thanks for the blog, the videos, the inspiration and the friendly service at Paulies’. GeorgeC5.

  7. Shawn Bell

    Can’t open you tube at work….have to wait till I get home. Thanks for the tube also. Needed something to carry the eel skin plugs that can go right in cooler after fishing. Perfect!!!!!

  8. TOM C

    Yes PAULIE you still got it ! and I’m glad you do. We need you out there. Now lets give him what he needs..SHOP AT PAULIES !

  9. TRisser

    Great video piece Z! Thank you for contributing Paulie.

    The series made me wonder what does a true “Sharpie” look like? Is it a person who know one area, like Montauk, landing huge fish or someone who can catch fish where ever he/ she fishies?

    I’m verer going to be an insider anywhere I go but I find sucess where ever I roam.

  10. in & out

    ————–$UPPORT PAULIE$————– he and his crew are the only ones that would get you out f a jam when your out there,not your local b&t. Jack yee for president.

  11. Matt H

    Phenomenal job once again… I could watch hours of Paulie talking. You SJ guys do great work, and it is very much appreciated.

  12. woodwker99

    Thank you Paulie for you time and insight. ban the azz in the beginning of the video from your shop.
    Z. great work as allways.


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