SJ ushers 2012 in style, by giving you a chance to win a Cube Surf Bag from Commando Surfcasting

I want to wish all the readers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine and the Blog a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We are going to usher this 2012 in style here at Surfcaster’s Journal.

First, we have a new issue in the works which should be ready in few days. Second, after two years of waiting, and scrambling to find options for you guys to read the SJ Magazine on your IPads and IPhones, it looks like we finally have an answer to our prayers. It’s not a perfect solution yet as you can’t go to and view it on your Apple device yet. But if you go to and you can browse through all the issues on your Ipad. I have to say this. I was the biggest “why would you buy Ipad?” and “what is the point of that tablet?” guy I know. But I bought it for my kids for Christmas because ,well, I love my kids. And to me honestly, money has no other purpose other than to make their lives better. My wife included of course. But I changed my tune after reading two books in two days on Ipad and watching some videos.

Holy shit, that thing is sick! Sorry if I am late to the party but I am here now. Apple rules. I am working on a eBook which will only be available for reading on tablets very soon. Kind of excited about it..

But not as excited as I am about how are we going to kick off 2012 at the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog. By giving you a chance to win this sick Commando CUBE Surf Bag.


Here is a something about the bag ,just in case you don’t win , you will get yourself familiarized with Commando products and you will be on the phone the next day talking to Tom about the bag that you want him to make you

With a  name like Commando, it has to be good 🙂












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528 comments on “SJ ushers 2012 in style, by giving you a chance to win a Cube Surf Bag from Commando Surfcasting

  1. russmurr

    I’m in, and thanks again for all the past years of SJ, Great job to all involved. Happy New Year and looking forward to future SJ magazines issues.

  2. Jeremy A

    Count me in! Thnx for everything you do, and please let us know about that e-book you’re writing Z. Wishin’ you all the best in the new year everyone.

  3. Moses

    I’m in guys! Thanks for the opportunity. Happy and healthy Year to all at SJ . Can’t way for the new issue.

  4. Dave

    I’m in with many thanks! By the way Z it’s about time you converted to Apple, just like the company you also ‘think different’. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours.

  5. Michael S.

    I’m in Thank You and everyone have a healthy and happy New Year.I love SJ keep up the good work for 2012.See you on the beach.

  6. rich march

    i thought you were saving this, until next magazine you know guess what favorite artical? or something but new word – iamin

  7. Ron McKee-Striper-Maineiac

    I’m in . Thing looks like it will still keep the plugs in after takin a wave over the head

  8. medic6973

    After reading this, I can’t tell if this is the giveaway or just a preview. If it is,

    I’m in.

    Looking forward to the next issue

  9. Bill K.

    Im in!

    I don’t even have a salt using my sons Plano fresh bag…lol..a bit small.Santa forgot me again

  10. mark downey

    I´m in ……hope your eBook can be downloaded to Kindle. Look fwd to the coming issue. Thks for all you guys do.

  11. michael Gallego

    That is a really nice bag and I would definitely like to win it. I am in. Thanks and have a Happy New Year everyone.

  12. Tim

    May I also be considered plz?

    Thank you for the very gracious opportunity fopr the drawing “gift” in 2012.

    Tight lines and screamin’ reels in 2012 for everyone!


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