Things that are coming up..and some winners

Wow, this was like a mini vacation , we should do this more often :-). Ok, not really. I just got my check in the mail and was trying to figure out why I only got paid for 4 days, then I remembered that it was Veterans day. And this week only three days…but I always counted with joy days I am not working. Who wants to be the richest dude in the commentary anyway?

Ok, let’s get down to business. The winner of Pelican light is . Please email me at and include your shipping address.

Business number two, the winner of PENN SPINFISHER V contest is Steve Jaccino. Steve , please email me your shipping address and I will forward this to the folks at PENN. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the PENN REEL company for making this possible.

If and when we fold, we will never be able to say that Pure Fishing, which includes PENN, Berkley, Stren, Sebile, Abu and on and on, have not been supportive of SJ. They have went above and beyond what I expected, which is a lot more than I can say for some others…on to better and more interesting things. I told you that we will have some announcements in the future and we will also try to keep you up as with what is coming up in the future

Next at bat, in the January issue of the SJ Magazine, exclusive in-depth interview with Don Musso, the founder of Super Strike Lures. From the days he started fishing for striped bass,to hand carving lures, to his lure partnership with Dan Pichney, reasons behind their break up, to his favorite lures, birth of a needlefish as we know it and much more. Really looking forward to this myself.

Here is a short sneak peak at the upcoming interview with Don

[youtube width=”535″ height=”400″][/youtube]


16 comments on “Things that are coming up..and some winners

  1. pistol pete

    Zeno… Any chance of a quick video tour of the stuper strike factory? I would love to see a super strike being made… or is it forbidden like entering willy wonkas chocolate factory? Damn… that would be great! All next season, you shop for super strikes, and if you find one of 5 golden tickets, you will a tour of the super strike factory…

  2. harv

    Nice mini vacation great minds think alike. I said that to josh who is home from college. Food, beer, girls, bass guitar…this must be heaven! U THINK MUSSO IS FROM LI? Lol

  3. Mike b

    cant wait for musso interview. always wished i would come across some musso wood plugs , has not yet happened. I like pistol petes idea , let us in !

  4. Lou C

    Way to go Steve…… “Good luck getting into the Super Strike factory….. Place is guarded 24/7 with armed guards…LOL

  5. stevej413

    thanks z and tommy for putting on a great contest (and c&r tourney) and thank you for all the votes and kind words about my photo. keep up the good work guys. see ya out there next season

  6. sioca

    Stevej413 congrats on winning. The entry pic is great.My favorite!

    Q: Are you the subject (fisherman) or the photographer of pic?
    Q: Are you on a south facing shore? Sun (rising?)on left…or
    East facing shore?
    Q: Filter or no filter on lens?

    Curious!!! Good composition!! Enjoy the Penn SF V..



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