Santa is bringing what…

I been working like madman last week or so, every time I come up for air, I get pushed back down. I am not complaining however, this is the season..for us to work so they can spend:-)

But I been thinking about things I would like Santa to leave me under the tree. First on my wish would be a ZeeBaaS reel. I feel in love with that reel last few years. Next would be a pair of waders that don’t leak. I know ,wishful thinking. Some Guppy pencils would be nice, maybe get restocked on TA clips . I am definitely buying few more Super Strike Heavy Poppers, very impressed with them this fall. The rest of my “wish list” is filled with stuff none of you care about like ND filters, Final Cut plug-ins and lenses and lenses. But after spending my son’s communion money on camera gear this spring for a project that I might have to abandon, wife said that I was over my limit 🙂

So, while I browse in the B&H Photo catalog and drool, tell me what you are hoping to find under the tree or what you are buying this winter

BTW..I’ve seen this on surfrats so I figured to pass it along

Speaking of shopping

East End Bait & Tackle’s Annual End of the Season Sale.
The entire month of December.
Save 20%-50% on most everything in the shop.
check outtheir website for more info.

East End Bait & Tackle 170 East Montauk Hwy. Hampton Bays, NY 11946 631-728-1744

16 comments on “Santa is bringing what…

  1. Rob G

    Gamefish status for striped bass!
    I asked the wife for a backbay setup. I sent her a link to a stradic 5000fj and 8’6″ premier 🙂

  2. mark d

    just finished the latest SJ and wanted to say thks. very busy…way your new book in hand and will be starting asap. again thks to you guys for what you do…as to wish list I will take more days in the surf with my ain’t about the latest piece of plastic

  3. MattL

    Turned 30 over the weekend, and my awesome wife called up Tom at Commando and ordered a new bag for me. It will be nice to have a real surf bag that won’t get destroyed in a year.

  4. DirtyLunka

    Stella 10000 and muck boots for the ditch! Go LL Bean for waders, they’re gonna leak after about a year but full guarantee/ waranty on all gear!

  5. Chris Olesen

    I like the Zee Bass idea too and another custom i piece 11′ Rod made by Lou Caruso. Now i’m dreaming! Happy Holidays!

  6. Jerry

    A long weekend at ICAST in Vegas, more quality time with the family and another mild winter like last year. Happy and healthy holidays to everyone.

  7. Andrew Errickson

    My wife’s awesome, she’s getting me everything I’ll need to build myself another rod, a nice heaver for big baits, spiral wrapped conventional. Only other thing on the wish list is a new casting reel to put on the new rod.

  8. Steve S.

    MattL – Awesome! You won’t be disappointed. Just got a bag from Tom a couple of months ago.

    Too many things to list that I would “like” to have, but I am asking for a few days this spring to go to Cutty for the first time.


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