Time to pick a winner of a new PENN SPINFISHER V reel , courtesy of PENN Reels

Battered and bruised by Sandy, we are getting back to business. One thing that was pushed back because of the storm is our “Send a picture, win a PENN SPINFISHER V REEL” contest.

The good folks at PENN reels who have made a remarkable investment into the sport of surf fishing in recent years, by not only introducing the Torque, SPINFISHER V and slew of other products, but have also supported Surfcaster’s Journal, Stripers On Line and many other websites and publications. For that I admire them. This sport has been ignored for way too long and I truly like the direction in which PENN reels are going.


Ok, without further mumbling by yours truly, let’s get to business. We asked you to send us any fishing related pictures from this fall, and you did. We did not alter these pictures in anyway. As you sent them, that is what you see. We picked 5 pictures and you guys will get to vote. The top vote getter will receive brand new SPINFISHER V from folks at PENN Reels.


Rules. You have to be a blog subscriber to vote . No, not you cannot get your wife, your girlfriend and your mistress to all vote for you, pick one :-). You can only vote for one picture, your favorite. In case of a tie, whichever picture was submitted to us first by date will win. Good luck to all, thank you for participating and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us at SJ!

148 comments on “Time to pick a winner of a new PENN SPINFISHER V reel , courtesy of PENN Reels

  1. sonerito

    #2: All great but gotta go with #2. Composition is sweetness… coulda won it without the post processing hue but that’s a stylistic thing and that is one sick shot, regardless!

  2. Tim

    Hey Z, will you let us see the “also rans” after the awards are given out so we can see all of the contestants entrees plz.?

  3. Tony Politi

    #2 it’s got a little bit of everything, cool lighting, the load of the rod, some white water, some rollers. Really cool shot

  4. backlash

    Wow! Some great pictures. I had a difficult time deciding. I narrowed it down to two and then decided by asking myself which one would I want hanging on my wall. I chose # 2.

    Number #3 gets my runner up.


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