The return of Lamiglas Super Surf….2G?

First, thank you to all who stopped by the Surfcasters Journal table at The Fisherman Show and Seminar last night in Huntington, LI. It was great to see so many friendly faces. We can’t get enough of you telling us what you like and what you want to see in the Journal, so keep it coming. And our apologies for running out of smaller size shirts so fast. You dudes on some kind of liquid diets lately?

With  a lot of expertly camera holding help by our own rod guru Lou Caruso, we even managed to get some videos for you from the show. We spoke with Rich from CTS Rods about his new S7 model, Dave from St Croix about the new Avids, Ryan from Century gave us all we needed to know about their new Nor’easter line up and Ken from Lamiglas showed us a new Lamiglas Super Surf 2G

2G, you might ask??

Yup,  a “second generation” of Super Surf series. Reincarnation, Reinvention. Call it what you like but I personally know that are many who were upset when Lamiglas discounted the Super Surf line few years ago. Very upset. And many were my fishing buddies. At one time GSB and Super Surf ruled the Long Island beaches. I mean, it wasn’t even a close competition

So what is this new Lamiglas 2G Super Surf rod?

How do I know. I’ve only seen it for the first time last night. But I know a dude who knows all about it. And he is eager to tell you what’s the skinny a

Lamiglas representative Ken Ehlers


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