The Fisherman Magazine Surf Fishing Show & Seminar

I am not sure how many years have I attended The Fisherman Magazine Surf Fishing  Show & Seminar. I would say it must be close to twenty years? No wonder my body feels like its falling apart..

We’ll here we go again. Tomorrow, September 12th at Huntington Hilton we will yet again make a trip to see all our friends and SJ readers. If you have never been to the Fisherman Surf Show expect crowded conditions, a goody bag at the door that usually covers the price of the admission and some awesome seminars. Inside the ballroom you will find premium surf fishing tackle dealers and manufacturers. From ZeeBaaS to Paulie’s Bait and Tackle, The Surfcaster, Cow Harbor Tackle, Saltwaters Tackle, Super Strike Lures, CTS Rods, Century Rods, Van Staal, Tsunami, Lamiglas, PENN Fishing, Guides Secret Lures, Bill Wetzel guide service and much more. Doors open at 6 30 PM

We will be there with special shirts this fall that Tommy is making as we speak. This is a new design for SJ and only available at the show, on first come basis, while supplies last. They are specially priced for this show at $15 a shirt.


Lou Caruso, the Surfcaster’s Journal Rod Guru will be with Tommy and I at SJ table (he is the one that looks like Mafia Capo :-)) .So  after you browse all the rods and ask all the question from the manufacturers, come and pick his brain. Because he will give you his honest opinion as he builds rods on blanks from many manufacturers

If you decide that you want to subscribe to the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine or renew your subscription, you will receive complimentary signed book HOOKED by yours truly. Since we did this for new subscribers online and since this is one show while this offer is still valid, we will extend the courtesy to those who want to renew or subscribe at the show. These t-shirts are already discounted from their usual price, so they will not be included in any subscription/renewal offer.


And last, something on a personal note. A friend asked me on Thursday how was my elbow. I told him that it been awesome, pain free since I got my shot before Memorial Day. Yeah, I managed to blow out my shoulder rotator cuff in Mexico by casting like an idiot but my elbow was fine. I forgot all about my elbow tendinitis to be perfectly honest.

On Friday my elbow felt a little weird. A little tingly I would call it. I went to work the overtime on Saturday and literally had tears coming out of my eyes as I tried to hold the measuring tape to cut the insulation on a construction site. The pain is back and a hundred times worse than last year or this spring. So if you see me with the brace on my elbow, with a camera on the beach AGAIN this fall, just ignore me. I might be just a little cranky yet again. Another fall down the drain for me is what it feels like. No more cortisone, no more physical therapy, I am sick of them both.

I hope you, our readers have a GREAT fall and Fisherman Show will definitely put you in the mood. Don’t mind the cranky giant Croatian in the room. And don’t forget to pick one Super Strike Little Neck Mackerel Popper that Steve Musso painted for his retailers specially for this show,



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  1. Wolf 107

    That sucks was hoping to see you fishing this fall.hey I guess there will be some great pictures out there,as you do a great job with the mag. And blog.see you thurs.

    Wolf 107


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