The old guard

Many times, as we have a bullshit sessions on the beach, we tend to complain of just how much the sport has changed. From unwillingness of the new anglers to pay their dues, to availability of all this information on the net and yes, even fresh reports. Then we get home and the first thing we do is check the reports on the net

Yes, internet has become a very powerful tool for learning, and in recent years socializing too. No need for phone calls any more, just go on Facebook and see what your buddies are doing. If you can read between the lines, there are more reports now, fresher, on Facebook then noreast saltwater.

And the social thing…it’s cool to reconnect with old friends. It’s not so cool when your old flame sends you message 20 years later professing her undying love…lol.

But there is a whole generation that will never embrace the social networking besides the one on the beach. You won’t find them on Facebook, you won’t read their stories on blogs, they won’t even write stories about the old days in the magazine. They are private, proud and they still fish under the old rules. Be sneaky, don’t use the light unless absolutely necessary, leave your truck in one location and fish in another. Don’t tell anyone about the plug that work for you, don’t use your mojo plugs when others are around…

Yes, I understand that for some this is hard to understand. After all, don’t we all want to be the guy on the rock were everyone can see us, don’t we all want to yell “yeeha” every time we hook up, don’t we all want to wear a wetsuit and then go to the water up to our knees, and don’t we all want to take pictures of a plug we caught fish on and then put it on a Facebook ?

Apparently not

There are not many left like Fred Schwab, and every day there is less and less of them. I can listen to them talk all day long and still have million questions about the old days.


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6 comments on “The old guard

  1. Don Brown

    Plus lets not forget the passing of the old guard as time marches on.Us Jersey guys and the whole surf fishing community Has just lost a dear friend and one our top beach fishermen Bob McGinly.He was a striper catchen machine.He lost his battle with cancer the end of last week.Rip my friend.

  2. Bob Mirynowski

    RIP Bob. Last spoke with him at NJ Surf Day. He told me that there wasn’t much more that could be done and that it was only a matter of time. Boy was tough to swallow! We have lost another great ambassador to our sport.

  3. chuckg

    Hate to see anyone go but that’s where we are all headed… Regardless of how many internet articles and dvds there are on fishing, nothing substitutes for being on the water and learning through mistakes and watching other guys. Seems like a lot of these new guys think that they can catch fish just by being there when the best part of becoming a good surfman is the journey of trial and errors over the years that may make you able to read the water and catch a few fish.

  4. Moses

    Great video guys! I’m glad to see that even with the hush hush ways of the past that there are a few who would sit down and share their own experiences and stories of the past! I know it’s like pulling teeth but thank you for sharing and taking the time to pull a few teeth.


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