Goodbye and hello

Let’s make someone Easter really special by awarding the great set of Super Strike Lures, courtesy of very generous Steve Musso from Super Strike Lures. I hope all of you have a great day with your families.

The random number generator spit out a number and gave us a winner. The winner of the set is danodano9….

You have 5 days to get us your mailing address at


Damn, the news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was at 7/11 getting coffee Friday night and while checking my emails while waiting on line I read an email from Steve Musso in disbelief. Jose Wejebe, the man behind the Spanish Fly fishing show, dies in the plane crash in the Everglades.

I did not know Jose personally but we did exchanged few emails when I was doing story on Costa Del Mar new “Jose” shades named after him. He was also working on a pictorial/interview for SJ. We were all set to begin in few weeks working on a story. It was originally supposed to happen few months ago but he asked for more time to come up with pictures of fishing on the flats. It doesn’t really matter, in the great scheme of things, it’s just an irrelevant blurb.

The important part for me was just how approachable fellow he was and how much did he enriched my life with his show and his adventures.

Rest in peace Jose, you will be missed by many.

The fishing I quite good this early in a season, New Jersey is yet again  leading the way in consistency and size. And the jersey boys are starting to hammer bigger bass on bunker….on Easter !!! It was fascination to get phone calls about bluefish in South Shore inlet a week ago in March!

It won’t be long before the big girls make their presence known all over. With that in mind, here are few words from our resident big fish hunter, the one and only Crazy Alberto Knie

Happy Easter everyone


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11 comments on “Goodbye and hello

  1. Jim J.

    RIP Jose tight lines. Another good video on how to this is by far the best site
    I can’y stop looking and if anyone hasn’t had a chance to read Zeno’s The art of surfcasting well
    let me tell you just finished mine and it was great Thanks Zeno. HAPPY EASTER to every one

  2. Rav

    I will miss Jose very much…. his words would calm me to no end like does smooth water with fog.

    Can’t wait for the full Crazy Alberto video. Thanks Z

    Glad your feelin better.

  3. Rich S.

    I am in the Keys right now to make a flats trip on Wednesday that was inspired by Jose. What a shame.


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