Talented Mr. Laurelli

Peter Laurelli makes some great videos, the kind I would do if I knew what I was doing. And to think that he does all this himself. I know most of you can’t comprehend what is involved into making something like this but I just want to plant a little seed in your head.

For a simple few second clip of guy walking over the marsh…you have to go and set up a tripod on marsh (never easy) then frame it and focus it. Then walk back wherever you came from and walk in front of the camera and away from it to record it. THEN you have to walk back to shut it off, put the camera and tripod back into the case and walk to next location. All this to get one or two second shot.

To think that this 35 minute video is all self-shot is incredible. The underwater blitz footage is hundred times better than anything I’ve seen in Laptew’s video.

This is not a video, it’s an event

You best bet when watching this kind of thing, press play then press pause and let the video load up the whole way. Then watch it without video doing stop and go..



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26 comments on “Talented Mr. Laurelli

  1. Jerry

    That was awesome! The music was haunting and the scenery was spectacular, more art than sport. For the rest of the weekend, that video will be like the song I can’t get out of my head. Thank you.

  2. Backlash

    Thanks for documenting the trials, tribulations, and incredibly exilerating experiences of a surf fisherman! When you can’t find the words to describe an encounter or experience we’ve had in the suds, this video speaks volumes!Thanks for sharing your expiriences with us! Breathtaking and moving video! It makes me want to stop what I’m doing, grab a rod, and head to the surf.

  3. Lee Solomon

    Thanks again. Your love of fishing and being able to share it like you do is nothing short of incredible. Your videos I can watch over and over and I hope you continue to make them. I can’t even imagine how much work that must have been. Getting up before the crack of dawn and fishing in and of itself takes a heck of an effort.
    Lee S

  4. Zeno Post author

    Just that is no confusion
    this is Peter Laurelli video..I have no skills to make something like this

  5. Jim J.

    WOW how good is that video and how much time is involved in the getting 35 minutes?
    Makes me want to go right now and hit the surf, I will be at the water tomorrow if not just to practice my casting.


  6. mikec67s

    bravo…bravo…..bueno…magnificent…..one hell of a video….thanks..Z….only a fisherman can feel that ….one hell of a good vid

  7. richtrox

    Wow, what a great video!!!! The musical score and the dynamic cuts were great. Haunting and hypnotic at some points and edgey at others. And some of the best blitz footage I’ve ever seen. Great job!!!!!!!

    Did anybody catch the bit at the 8:00 minute mark? “Mr Chambers, don’t get on that ship, it’s a cookbook.” was from an old Twilight Zone episode entitled “To Serve Man” LOL.

    Great video!!!!

  8. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Great video. nice shots… but call me elitist,But even shows like Season on the Fly calls fly fishing elitist. So why would anyone fly fishing (even from shore) be called surf fishing. I love the Video don’t get me wrong. But enough with the fly fishing on a SURF FISHING SITE. Again call me elitist.

  9. Gerard D

    Great video. 4 hours sleep 6 hour ride 1 hour fishing and my wife says I have issues. I hope he makes a 2012 video.

  10. Peter Laurelli

    Z – Thanks for posting this here and thanks to all for the comments. 2011 was filled with many negative experiences mixed in with a handful of extreme positives. We all know that is the curse that comes with the joy of being a fisherman. Hope everyone has a successful 2012!

  11. MRisser

    Peter, I loved the video and thanks Z for posting it here. The quote at the begining is soul searching and something that I hope we all can relate to. Really really nice work!


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