Win a Super-Pack from Super Strike Lures

Let me get all the winners out of the way

The Wiley X  shades go to…Peter F

The winners of Tactical Anglers giveaways are

Jimmy Z


Tom S

I got an email from Mr.Musso inquiring about my flu, which I very much appreciated.

He then asked me to help him “kick off the season for SJ blog readers with a nice lure pack” from Super Strike.

How can we say no? 🙂

So today, Super Strike is offering you a chance to win this Four-Pack of Super Strike Lures aka makers of  the Best Stuff on Earth…or close to it.

Thank you Mr. Musso


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493 comments on “Win a Super-Pack from Super Strike Lures

  1. harv

    Like a good wine ages w time , so does scj videos & blog…happy easter & passover to u all..the Marv is in

  2. Jim M.

    In, in, in! Thanks Mr. Musso and Z! Hope you’re getting over your bug, we’ve had one tag-teaming each of my family for about 4 weeks now, and they’re had the pre-season shot too…

    10 more days!! Have a great holiday…

  3. Matt

    Super Strike no body wants those plastic things … Ill save everyone the disapointment and take them no need for a drawing!

    Im in!

  4. fishermann mike

    between scj and super strike you guys keep my fishing dreams alive im in thanks guys keep up the good work guys looking foward to the next issue

  5. CharlesT

    Ohhhhh yes. I can say that the bakers dozen of squid colored SS lures I bought last week would be nicely complemented by a few more in other shades. I’m in!

  6. Allen W

    This ties in beautifully with Lou Caruso’s article! I hope the guy said NYers are harsh sees this offer by one of the top lure makers anywhere but just happens to be a New Yorker.
    Thanks Zeno and Tommy and the crew at SJ.
    Oh yeah and I’m in too!

  7. Geo67

    I’m in – that may not be a fancy looking group of lures, but they are some “must haves” when it comes to workhorse fishing lures. Thanks SJB and SS lures.

  8. Matthew Frei

    I am in! Thanks for running this contest! This would really help me out since I am a poor college student!

  9. Angler Ace

    I’m In
    Thank you Mr. Musso
    This is a GREAT chance for me to win a Super Strike Lure that I have been trying to win for ” YEARS ” and ” YEARS! “

  10. Gerard D

    Wow , that four pack covers almost everything you need for the season. I’m in and thank you SJ and Mr Musso for the chance.

  11. Brian Cunningham

    I have been using topwater poppers at night, for more twelve yrs. the action is awesome, highly recomend it!!

  12. Backlash

    I’m all the way in. That’s a fine arsenal of proven fish catching dynamite!
    Thank’s Steve and SJB!

  13. TomS

    I didn’t even noticed, had to reread it twice.
    On TA Giveaway, Wow, thank you thank you thank you to SJB, Z & Roger. I never won a giveway before. You’re the best and just made my night!! =)


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