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I want to fill you in on few things that are coming up from the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. We try to always improve on what we offer you for your subscription and we hope that these announcements would enhance your experience of being a subscriber.
Here is a preview of Episode Montauk Time and Tide documentary. The full 12 minute episode will appear exlusively for the subscribers in the upcoming January issue

We are also happy to announce that there will be a Spring and Fall STRIPERTHON Catch & Release Tournament Sponsored by PENN Fishing. As you know, we at SJ are big proponents of catch and release tournaments. We are in no way against taking a fish home for the table but we feel that current harvest levels are unsustainable. By running a catch and release tournaments, SJ in conjunction with our sponsors, hopes to bring attention to responsible harvest and current state of striped bass stocks in drastic decline. You will get a chance to compete for some great prizes, including PENN Torque reels and share some good nights with your friends.
There will also be a video column by our Rod Guru Lou Caruso and few other surprises.

We are currently making a list of shows we will attend, we hope to see you there and shake your hand and thank you for supporting us. You can renew your subscription at any of the shows and pick up some new SJ gear that we will be making for the shows.

Right now we are committed  to
CT Surfcasters Show in CT

Surf Day in NJ

Asbury park Flea market in NJ

RISAA in Providence

Berkeley Flea Market in NJ

Ward Melvile HS Fishing Club show in East Setauket NY

We are looking to add hopefully another show in NY in February or March so if you guys know of one , drop us a line
And last but not least, the first episode of SJ TV, approximately half an hour long will appear on January 20th exclusively for the surbribers of the magazine. We hope to have a preview trailer for you this week after we get all the graphics work done.

episode 1 Test 2

11 comments on “Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine news, events and new video

  1. Andy K

    Nice one! C&R is the only real way to go if anglers wish to stand a chance of catching again in the years to come. So this “collaboration between yourselves and Penn is a shining example to those who may think that because they have paid their license fees, “taking maximum numbers of fish is the way forward”. Likely the ones who will whine the loudest if Stripers ever become fished out, too.


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