Mega giveaway from Pelican Products

Let’s spread some holiday cheer with a really sweet giveaway from our friends at Pelican. I’ve been fan and user of Pelican products for many, many years and as impressed I am with their light I think their new premium coolers are absolutely sick. To think that you can have ice in a cooler for seven days before it melts is just insane. And i really like what they did with Hansom Tackle last year with their new light and lanyard combo. My fake very expensive teeth really appreciate the ease of turning the light on and off.

So here we go, three winner, each wins one prize at our discretion


Pelican NEMO 1960 LED Light



Pelican 2710 LED  Headlight



Pelican ProGear IPhone 5 CE1180 case


273 comments on “Mega giveaway from Pelican Products

  1. unkaharry

    I’m in Thanks “Z” I could use a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! Merry XMAS and happy holidays to all at SCJ. Thanks for another year of great stuff!

  2. BigJim

    I’m in those are great products thanks Pelican and SJ also thanks for the fast shipment of my package can’t wait to give the hoodie to my daughter she loves the shirt she already has

  3. Andy_k

    I’m most definitely in too.-, please.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a fantastic new year to you all 🙂

    Many thanks SCJ and Pelican


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