Rock Hopper Belt giveaway, Pelican winners and SJTV

Stay tuned for a preview of SJTV this weekend. We have a 6 minute preview all wrapped up and ready to upload to YouTube. The full half an hour version will appear on January 20th for the subscriber of the Surfcaster’s Journal. I’ll tell you this, even if you never tossed a chunk in your life you will appreciate the knowledge of Bill Fischer as he is explaining in detail everything from rigs to bait cuts all while catching fish up to 30 pounds on camera. Bill Wetzel, Lou Caruso, John Skinner, Crazy Alberto and Dennis Zambrotta are also scheduled to appear in the first episode.

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The winners of pelican Mega giveaways are




All three off you have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping addresses. Congrats and thanks to fine folks from Pelican for making this possible
Today’s giveaway (you can tell was are in holiday giveaway mode here) comes from a guy who has been fishing Montauk beaches longer than I have been alive. I told you years ago that then current infatuation with custom this and that, particularly bags will not last. Neither did plug craze or recent rod craze either. Nothing wrong with these little moments of euphoria but they do all end sooner or later. What is important to me is who is left standing. Super Strike Lures are still here and still crazy productive. St Croix rods are not going anywhere and neither are VS reels. And Barry Kronberg from RockHopper Fishing has seen these things comes and go one…or twice. Considering he has been fishing Montauk beaches since 1961, he has seen a thing or two. And tried just about any new gadget that came on the market. And yet he still felt compelled to make his own as he was not satisfied with what he found. His belt clips are absolutely to me a must-have item on my belt. Often a bunch depending if I am wet suiting or wader fishing.

Today we are going to giveaway a RockHopper Surf Belt, one of the finest surf belts we have ever used. Here is a description from his website

Our Surf Belt is a really simple design that’s incredibly bomb proof and works the way it’s supposed to every time. Designed especially for use with waders and wetsuits, you can adjust your gear and make it as tight as you want while still wearing it. Move your gear around or lock it in place, your choice. It’s extremely comfortable, totally adjustable and incredibly secure. Made with Rockhopper’s attention to simple design and superior quality.

For more on these belts and his other products please visit





and yes, we have MORE stuff for you coming up like this AWESOME plug from Guppy Lure Co



224 comments on “Rock Hopper Belt giveaway, Pelican winners and SJTV

  1. B Como

    I’m in. I picked up a rock hopper belt at last years Brookdale show. the best fishing related purchase I made all year. The winner will be very happy….I’m in .

  2. Montauk Gal

    I’m in .. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Zeno and to your family …
    I enjoy the blog so much … I’m going to subscribe to the journal too !
    Who cares how you write or what schooling you had … You get your messages across damn well !!


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