Surf Fishing Costa Rica

Not sure if many of you realize that you are a “day late” when reading this blog. I noticed this when we have a giveaway one day then all of a sudden the next day we get all the entries. We have no control when the Google Feed burner actually sends notices of new blog post however.I figured I mention it


I hope all you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your families.


Here is a  video we did in Costa Rica earlier this year..the full story is coming in the future issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

[youtube width=”525″ height=”400″][/youtube]


Last weekend to enter your fish into STRIPERTHON 2011…Here is our latest entry from RI legend, Steve McKenna


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22 comments on “Surf Fishing Costa Rica

  1. Greg Tucceri

    Went there for my honeymoon back in 2004 for two weeks, simply the most beautiful place on earth. Happy turkey day, try and get out there the end is near.

  2. Capt'n Bob

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the staff at SJ and to all the supporters of an outstanding first class operation. Going to hit it hard in the am. Maybe a fresh filet next to the bird. good day to all

  3. ovenrat

    for all the HOURS of your free time you volunteer to supply us with these short videos, Thank You!

    have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. george economopoulos

    great video and beautifull scenery..!!have you ever thought to introduce the “real way” of surfcasting around the mediterranian sea?

  5. george economopoulos

    I am trying Mr.Hromin and I am trying really can’t imagine how difficult it is to practice surfcasting here in greece and not only here but all around europe..for a lot of reasons.if you wish and can forgive me for my poor english I would like to send you a more detailed email on that issue…
    YOU are going out in the night to fish around montauk with probably a couple of hundreds of surfcasters around you casting in the dark…me I am always alone with no one to instruct me or at list to try together with me..every night find my self on the beach try to surfcast my only company is to refresh into my head chapters from your last book and be better on presentation of my lures..and I am always taking courage from the article of Mr.William A Muller “what is surf fishing” on the website of high hill striper club..believe me Mr.Hromin it is a very lonely thing to practice surfcasting faraway from montauk point..but so far so good.
    have a nice thanks giving day


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