hmm, and I thought the fat lady has sung….ha, not the first time I been wrong

Those who walked the beaches on south shore this weekend and were in the right place were rewarded with some nice fish. And now we getting reports of good blitzes last two days in Rhode Island. Bass and blues feasting on herring. And the action was around the inlets (or breachways as they call them )

Of course, New Jersey rats are not complaining at all. I had guys telling me that they land 30 fish in the dark before masses arrived on Super Strike weighted needlefish and then go to work and leave madness to others..should be an interesting long weekend.

Speaking of inlets, I finaly fired up the MAC and while I was looking trough my files I found Skinner Seminar from last year SJ Seminar series. I thought that the part on currents was very revealing


BTW..ever wonder just how one of the most intense bucktialer we ever had works his? Remarkably he does not give it much action with the rod. I told you that his book made me rethink many things.Here is a boat video he just released but listen to it for the part that relates to surfcasting and working a bucktial


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7 comments on “Herring

  1. Dennis

    Zeno I’m DONE for the season Karpel Tunnell surgery left wrist on 11/19/11 to be followed up by the right wrist next happy thansgiving Dennis

  2. CTMatt

    So frustrating to have such a crappy CT Fall run…I could have shot 1,000 pics between Feb/late June but I didn’t. I’ll try to put more time in this holiday weekend. Dying to get a phot for the contest!

  3. Jeremy

    Wow is all I can say. After watching Skinner I think I am way overworking all my jigs with the rod tip lots of times. I think the mans a genius and obviously knows all his presentations like the back of his hand.

  4. Matt H

    I too am putting way too much thought into working my bucktails. Great videos Z… worth a thousand words. Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. New Jersey Rat

    We might be rats down here in jerZ but we’re rats bailing bass : ) We have a major Sand Eel problem… Please call Orkin right away!!


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