Win a Salt Pro Minnow from Daiwa

When you hear about a lure being completely sold out from a major tackle store, you would assume it’s some limited edition wooden creation. And sometimes that is true but these days that happens less and less often. Many surfcasters are affected by this lousy economy and are refusing to part with their hard earned money easily. The days of buying a lure because some racconeyed, shut-in who hasn’t seen sunshine in three months painted a special color in his basement are over. Today, surfcasters are buying stuff that catches fish .Period.

Where am I going with this?

 We been testing Daiwa SP Minnows as we do with all the gear we write about. We’ll reserve our thoughts for a review in the future issue of the magazine. But as much as we liked the sliding weight which made this swimmer outcast just about any other similar lure, and its fish catching ability, we were surprised when we were told that these lure were so hot in the spring that a big retailer on the cape cod canal was striped out of its inventory within days. When it comes to plastic lures, that almost never happens. You can draw your own conclusion of just how well the canal rats have done with it.


And now we will give you a chance to win one, courtesy of Daiwa. You can visit the SP Minnow by clicking here  

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck

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