Surf Day and new video

I would like to thank all of those who stopped by SJ table at JSS Surf Day on Saturday. It was awesome seeing many of our readers and thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and praise for what out team puts together for our readers. A BIG thank you to JSS crew for exceptional organizing skills. I got to tell you, that thing runs like a smooth machine!

Yes, I love to travel to CT Surf Day , then to NJ Surf Day but just like most New York surfcasters I am left wondering where is NY Surf day? lol

Seriously, I’ve seen quite a few NY guys in NJ on Saturday. Kind of amazing there is nothing for local anglers on LI other than flea markets. Its not for a lack of surfcasters, just try to find a rock in a Montauk blitz or parking in Smiths Point or Gilgo. I was always told the reason was because there are no available venues on LI suited for that kind of event, or at least not affordable options. Who knows? Does anyone have opinion on it?

SJ crew will be in RISAA (new location booth 0328) and Berkeley Flea Market this weekend. See you there

We nailed Gary Soldati from big Water Lures literally for a minute before the show opened. The audio is iffy for my taste but better than not bringing you nothing.


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  1. johnp

    I was always told the reason was because there are no available venues on LI suited for that kind of event, or at least not affordable options. Who knows? Does anyone have opinion on it?

    Sure I’ll weigh in

    First off, I enjoyed Surf Day greatly and I will be back next year. But it felt odd to travel from LI to NJ to hear a fair number of LI guys (who we know quite well) talk about stuff like Montauk.

    Right now the guys from NJ are the ones willing to bust their humps to make it happen.
    Sure, I suspect Brookdale CC has been easier to work with than Nassau Community College where we once had a winter show. But you need a core group of people to execute. Then there is a financial commitment. You have to be prepared for the unlikley event people wont show if the weather is bad etc. and you could easily run a loss. Not many people are willing to risk it.

    The other problem is that the “formula” has not been changed much, sow to show, and you risk saturation. Its a balance of getting the same few tried and true speakers (and people may not want to hear the same old same old) or you risk getting some fresh names and people will ask ‘who is that”? JSS had a newer name do a back back talk, I couldnt get in that room too crowded but I was told it was really really good.

    JSS kept it at $10 which was a steal. I think if you want to really do something different on LI you’d need a sponsor or need to charge much more. I don’t know if surfcasters would pay $25+ for bells and whistles as opposed to $10 for the Surf Day format if you can find some nice space on LI that doesn’t want to charge LI prices.

    But you need abouty 6 people who can do most o the work for a show like this, and then lots of help the day of.

  2. Rich m

    So I don’t think it’s impossible on long island, and I believe there is a show that is building up each year at the ward Melville hs in port Jefferson it started small and is gaining momentum. Yes it’s boat and surf but it’s geared towards seminars, I’m looking forward to attending this year.

  3. terry farrell

    We definately need a show like that in LI . The Fishermans show in Sept is simalar but it should be in the winter not during fishing season

  4. David Strom

    I was envious that LI has something in September, kickoff to the Fall surf fishing season,I wished that NJ had something like that, now I hear LI guys wishing they had Surf Day in early part of year! LOL, that’s a grass is always greener situation. We always want what the other guy has, right?

    It’s great that there is JSS and The Fisherman who put these things on for us, so thank you to both.

  5. Chris

    I agree, JSS puts on a great event. I think the SJ could and should host one on Long Island (suffolk community college, or stony brook as a venue?) I love surf day, but the $30+ in tolls, not to mention the 3.5hrs it took to get home during the storm is making surf day nj not so appealing. As for the above statement of raising the entry fee, don’t do it. I would rather spend that money at a vendors booth.

    1. zhromin Post author

      btw..i think suffolk wants a 5k donation to school before they even talk fee for rental..welcome to LI…lol

  6. zhromin Post author

    I agree that LI could use one as many surfcasters are not willing to drive 2 plus hours and tolls. But there is a lot involved in running a show as you’ve seen in NJ. Plus all the vendors are committed to so many shows. I hear you about the entrance fee but unfortunately everything on LI is sky high

  7. Bob Wilson

    Make sure to stop by the Ward Melville Expo on March 7th @ Ward Melville High School in East Setauket NY (380 Old Town RD East Setauket 11733)

    A little about the upcoming Ward Melville show since I saw it was mentioned in an early posting….

    We’ll have 15 Seminars on the day. In case you missed John Skinners presentation, I believe hes holding the same in our massive auditorium. John Paduano, Vinny Conwell and Bruce Froh round out the Surf guys who are speaking but the rest are boat and dock guys that if you had the time, you could pick up a nugget or two from as well.
    In addition to this, the show currently will have 115 tables from 85 different vendors (Zeno and the SJ crew will have a nice representation at the show). There are a bunch of names you know and I am sure that we’ve invited a few new plug builders as well. Some custom rod guys as well to talk to and see their goods (including Lou Caruso).

    Best of all is that the day is FREE to come in. Cost you nothing more than a drive and some time.

    Our raffles include some custom surf rods, a VS 250S, plugs bucktails and loads more geared towards the surf (this listing will increase dramatically by the day of the event).
    Doors open at 8:30 Am
    for more info go to

    One last thing. I want to give some big props sent out to Zeno. Every year that the club has been around, Zeno has more than taken care of the kids in the club with SJ. In addition to the overall support, Surfcasters Journal is one of our title sponsors for the event! Thanks Zeno!!
    Hope to see everyone on Saturday March 7th.


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